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Letters to the Editor: February 18, 2019

After Pulwama

As an Indian, I understand that the Indian government initially must undertake three ways to tackle like this situation and so Pakistan not able to do this cowardly act again those are:

India will need to redouble its focus on measures to isolate Pakistan in the international community. There needs to be a consensus across political parties that there will be no politicking over security issues. Finally, there needs to be a strong counter-narrative in Kashmir to challenge the radical narrative which motivates stone pelters as well as recruits for suicide bombing attacks.

MD Afzal


Provide call details

Mobile-phone service-providers turn down requests made for details of ‘Incoming’ and ‘Missed’ calls on mobile-numbers of the person/s making such a request in name of ‘privacy’, while companies are providing details of ‘Outgoing’ calls even without being asked for.

It is beyond understanding how and why the company can claim ‘privacy’ on providing the sought data when the calls are made to persons requesting such details of ‘Incoming’ and ‘Missed’ calls received on his mobile numbers. Providing details of ‘Incoming’ and ‘Missed’ calls on request is of utmost importance in cases of obscene/threatening/harassing/fraud calls received by person/s requesting for details of Incoming’ and ‘Missed’ calls. Such details are also of importance because of unwanted calls interrupting despite registration done on ‘Do-Not-Disturb’ service. It is apparent that mobile-companies cite privacy for deliberately not restricting unwanted calls in order to mint money by such calls.

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) should make it mandatory for mobile service providers to provide details of ‘Incoming’ and ‘Missed’ calls on demand in the manner they provide such details of ‘Outgoing’ calls. ‘Privacy’ factor remains the same for ‘Incoming’, ‘Missed’ and ‘Outgoing’ calls.

Madhu Agrawal


Immediate Abolition of Articles 35A & 370 necessary

The Indian government has taken several practical steps including the abolition of government-provided security to separatist-leaders, snatching status of Most-Favoured-Nation from Pakistan, increasing custom-duty on imports from Pakistan, giving a totally free hand to security forces to tackle militancy and like others. Economic steps initiated from India will virtually destroy Pakistan economically which is even more critical than war-sufferings. It was indeed shocking that Pakistan never gave India the status of Most-Favoured-Nation.

But real remedy lies in the abolition of Articles 35A and 370 which will make retired army-persons and others to settle in Kashmir. Setting up of industries in Kashmir then will be economically helpful for Kashmir-citizens, which will then provide employment-opportunities to misguided youth of Kashmir turning them loyal towards India.

Central government should appeal and motivate corporates and MPS to government-created fund for the welfare of families of war-victims, which will provide adequate funds for the living of families of martyrs of security-forces at hands of militants.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal


Vande Bharat tragedy

A day after its flag-off by the PM Narendra Modi, the Vande Bharat Express developed a technical snag on Saturday morning. The tragedy is that the train was checked for the result and moved to Delhi, despite this, such a horrible accident occurred.  Luckily, nobody lost his life in this incident. The last coach’s wheels skidded badly and as a result, the train’s system got destroyed, the power went out in all coaches as well as the air conditioning stopped. I request the Railway Minister to investigate this critical case, ponder deeply over it that should not be again such an accident.

Najmul Huda


Nation’s development

The Congress as well as the ruling government has constantly been engaged in a war of words and criticising each other on various issues including the Rafale deal before the ensuing Lok Sabha elections. The corridors of power seem to be too attractive at this moment for the Congress as well as the NDA.  However, the country needs a government which can put the nation’s development and interest as its first priority. India is very much capable of bringing out a leader who can rise above parochial and blinkered vision and one who can contribute to the nation’s development. This time voters must choose wisely.

MM Qaiser

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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