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Letters to the Editor: February 20, 2019

Remembering the martyred!

It is a very sorrowful matter that around 44 Indian Jawans were martyred in a explosive attack in Pulwama. All Indians irrespective of cast a religion including entire the world became severely disappointed. Some states announced to close the shops and most of them were demanding to do again surgical strike to give enemies a lesson. The tragedy is that despite of this, some politicians are conducting program and rally too, they are extremely busy in political activities. They should visit martyred army’s families to console them. I appreciate a lot Priyanka Gandhi because she postponed her first press conference in Lucknow, every politician should take lesson from her. I hope Indian armies will revenge our martyred soon by killing terrorists or doing surgical strike.

Najmul Huda


Curbing terrorism            

The unacceptable brutal terrorist act killing over 40 CRPF Jawans in Jammu and Kashmir may now be seen as ‘the last straw’ to end the acts of global terrorism and everyone will now be anticipating for a stern response by India. The Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) headed by the Honourable Prime Minister (also includes Ministry of External Affairs) should now act swiftly to deal with an iron fist to put an end to such terrorist attacks.

As also it is known that even the Honourable Ministry of External affairs immediately held meetings with the envoys of P5 nations also with strong urge to stand by India to curb terrorism. As Demarche is already issued, India should now quickly take a conscious decision to recall our diplomatic representatives too. Until the matters are resolved, for now, Ministry of External Affairs should cancel all international delegation invitations and visits to India.

Military operations apart, India should now strengthen its diplomatic channels too on a full throttle mode and issue a high-pitched decibel warning to those nations supporting such terror acts. An appeal should be made to all the countries through a stern diplomatic channel to join in India’s fight against terrorism. All the nations now should also unanimously stand with India and support its strong attempt to pressurize UN Security Council (UNSC) to curb terrorism. Diplomatic patrons in New Delhi should now issue a protocol to all the nations to strictly sever its ties with any country that supports terrorism.

Further necessary amendments should be made to the ‘Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations’ (1961). Under the circumstances that took place recently in India, the amendments should now be made to immediately curtail all the diplomatic courtesies.

Varun S D


After Pakistan sponsored terror attack

Immediately after the Pakistan sponsored terror attack killing our 40 brave Jawans in Pulwama on 14/2/2019, I recollected the prediction by our two great self realized monks, namely Swami Vivekananda and Sri Arbind Ghosh many years ago saying, “Pakistan will be nowhere in the world map in the coming years.” Secondly, I suggest stopping the water flows of Bias, Chenab, Ravi, Sutlej and Indus (Sindhu) rivers flowing from India to Pakistan. The renowned advocate Ujjwal Nikam has rightly suggested cancelling the autonomy of Jammu and Kashmir and withdraw its status of ‘the special’ state.

Hansraj Bhat


Replace medical-reimbursement by Mediclaim policies for families

It is observed that many entitled persons claim extra-ordinary medical reimbursements from central and state governments, autonomous bodies and public-sector-undertakings. Many such entitled persons even get foreign-treatments at public-expenses.

System should be replaced by Mediclaim policies for families of entitled ones at public-expense. Provision can also be made for priority treatment of entitled ones in government-hospitals and dispensaries with free medicines and medical investigations. It is highly senseless and nuisance that some privileged ones are even entitled for treatment in foreign countries.

Since Supreme Court dismissed CIC-verdict for disclosing medical-reimbursement amounts of judges, such details for other entitled ones can also be denied citing Supreme Court dismissal of the said CIC-verdict. Legislation should be amended so that amounts of medical-reimbursement paid at public-expenses may be compulsorily put on websites of respective public-authorities.

Madhu Agrawal

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)
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