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Letters to the Editor: February 21, 2019

Limited patriotism!

Strong reactions are coming from all over the country after the terrorist attack at Pulwama. Pakistan and terrorists are condemned all over the country by burning their effigies, observing ‘bandhs’, lighting candles etc. Similar things were observed even after attacks at Uri, Pathankot, Mumbai, and attack on Parliament earlier! We, Indians, exhibit our symbolic patriotism only for a day and then spend our time watching cricket matches with Pakistan; watch films with Pakistani artists. It is very unfortunate that soldiers have to lay their life for awakening our patriotism for a day. Why don’t we force the Government to take action against Pakistan which is detrimental to integrity and security of this country and against people pelting stones at our soldiers? The government should be forced to take action against this problem within a certain time limit; instead of exhibiting such symbolic opposition after soldiers’ martyrdom. The Government should also be extended necessary support for such action; forgetting our posts and parties. Rather than one-day patriotism, nurture patriotism every day for everything in the interest, the welfare of this country!

Sandeep Kate

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