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Letters to the Editor: February 22, 2019

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It is ironic and shameful for us that every third Indian people need help due to use of alcohol, according to a government-sponsored study on the prevalence and extent of substance use. The prevalence of alcohol consumption is 17 times higher among men than women. More than 5.7 crore people are estimated to be affected by harmful or dependent alcohol use. In this situation, the government should run campaigns to educate young people about alcohol abuse. Alcoholism on the other hand, there is a need to prevent people from becoming psychologically or physically dependent on alcohol. It is also important that people recognise the signs of alcoholism at an early stage. A doctor who suspects that a patient is drinking too much should refer the patient quickly to an appropriate care provider.

MD Afzal


Complaint of parents

I have to say about the government school of Karnataka, it is obviously true that Karnataka government is granting good opportunity for students to seek the best education as per the Constitutional Right To Education. Parents eagerly want their children’s admission in a government school but they are not going to find this opportunity of government because government school is not there in their neighbourhood. As for rich parents, they can get admission for their children in private school but economically weaker parents do not have as much money as rich parents. And education is not granted in private school as good as in government school, where they will go to qualify honourable education. Therefore, it is the government’s responsibility to take a step to establish a school in villages.

Md Intekhab Alam

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