Letters to the Editor: January 25, 2019

Should this be called as patriotism?

The patriotism of Indians starts bursting forth as Independence Day and Republic Day approaches even though there may be debates held throughout the year, on topics like ‘Whether to say Vande Mataram’, ‘Whether to stand up in respect when the national anthem is played’ etc. There is competition to exhibit patriotism by uploading own photos with the ‘tri-colour’ in hand or group-photos in dresses made with ‘tri-colour’; ‘tri-colour’ tattoos on faces etc. on social websites. There is so much craze of the three colours of our national flag that there is special demand in the market for sweets made in three colours or cakes in three-colours of our flag. One, therefore, starts thinking whether the national flag has become a show-piece considering its use for such ordinary purposes. National Flag is a symbol of our national identity and it is an unwritten duty of every Indian to maintain its due respect. National Flag teaches us values like sacrifice, revolution, peace and prosperity. We, however, trample these values when we misuse colours of National Flag out of our over-enthusiasm. The right place of National Flag is on flag-pole. That is the appropriate honour of the flag. Keeping our revolutionaries as ideals before us, who sacrificed their lives for this country and trying to walk on the path shown by them, will be true patriotism rather than showing off such patriotism on social websites.

Manisha Chandarana


January 26: More interest in holiday

Republic Day is on Saturday this year; followed with Sunday. People from city plan outing on getting such back to back holidays. There is, however, a difference between getting holidays for other reasons and for Republic Day though it is argued that how to make use of holidays is a personal matter. Even if it is right; the holiday of Republic Day is not for only enjoyment but it should be spent for the country. Can we not spend even one day for paying gratitude towards own country which we use for our education, jobs, business etc? Our soldiers are battling against the enemy on the boundaries of this country; therefore, such enjoyment is possible on holidays. Our soldiers, police have a huge and difficult challenge of maintaining tight security to see to it that no untoward incident takes place on August 15 and January 26. It is nevertheless, observed that citizens are as usual more interested in making plans for such holidays, in advance; as if, protection of this country is the responsibility of only our soldiers and to enjoy life at their cost is our responsibility. Moreover, having such discussions on holidays is most unfortunate. Our soldiers are facing a bombardment of firing, bombs etc. from the enemy which cannot be faced by ordinary citizens. They need to be told that at least for a day, they should devote for own country and do their duty. Soldiers come to our rescue even calamities like earthquake, deluge strike us but we run away to enjoy holidays. Can there be any comparison with soldiers ?

Sandeep Kate


Phenomenal run for Virat Kohli this year!

Kudos to Virat Kohli for not just winning the Sir Garfield Sobers Trophy along with Test and ODI player of the year awards. It has been a phenomenal year for Captain Kohli who has literally been scoring runs and tons with ease. It was kids play for the jury to select a winner as there was no competition for Kohli this year who has emerged as an even bigger icon than the master blaster Sachin Tendulkar. It is truly amazing in the manner that he bats and resembles a Robot when it comes to perfection.

Virat Kohli has amassed so many runs and tons in his career at such a young age that Tendulkar’s records who dwarf against Kohli’s milestones whenever he retires. Fitness is the key to Virat Kohli’s success but I request him to select tournaments and give IPL a skip to prolong his international career. Virat Kohli is poor man’s Don Bradman in the manner he bats as Sir Garfield Sobers in attitude. Keep up the good work going Virat and wish you the very best in the coming times. Indians want you to win the coming ODI World Cup which is reasonable expectations after your great wins in Australia. Go for it and make India proud!



Memorable Mumbai Marathon

Mumbai Marathon is a big occasion for the Media and the participants as they enjoyed the real essence of running for a noble cause. Tata Mumbai marathon 2019 spirits had gone very high this time. We saw all walks of life people participated in the Mumbai Marathon and there was no caste, creed or religion in the unique effort. Mumbai Marathon is a great initiative and it deserves a feather in the cap for the sponsors. It was totally Unity in Diversity on the street of Mumbai. Print Media played a pivotal role in making the Marathon a great success. The events include Marathon, Half-Marathon, Dream Run, Senior Citizen run and Wheelchair run in all. Tata marathon turned out to be a significant fund-raising platform. A large number of entries and the participants enjoyed every moment in the event revealed its success. Be it youth, doctors, businessmen, actors, senior citizens, handicapped and the mentally challenged played a part and everyone was out on the streets to celebrate life in the best way possible on a Sunday. Mumbai Marathon moment was memorable. The enthusiasm and high spirits displayed showed an encouraging marathon. Anyway it was not just a fad. The Mumbai Marathon brings the best out of the participants in a big way. It also showed the way of organising strength in an International event of this magnitude in the best way possible. Kudos to the organisers!

Jayanthi S. Maniam


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