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Letters to the Editor: January 28, 2019

Women workforce commits frauds

The modus operandi of forcing a woman to commit frauds is on the increase. In two separate incidents such a move was taken but in both the cases, the women were arrested. Women decently dressed and have a beautiful look are forced to act as a buyer of gold make good with the yellow metal with a fraudulent motive is not common as the price of gold is on the increase and it is a safe investment. Numbers of credit cards are stolen in busy places to commit such fraudulent transactions and make good the payment by selling them at an attractive price. Again, a woman acting as a ticket checker made some easy money before being got red handed. It is high time to catch hold of the culprits before committing offense so as to provide the much-needed confidence among the people of the metro.

Arati Vatsala


Senior citizen in international chess tournament

Ramesh Mohite, Sanpada’s senior citizen participated in the C Category of the Delhi International Open Grandmasters Chess Tournament by Delhi Chess Association at Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium from Jan 13-16, 2019. The champion chess player from the satellite city won 6 points with 4 wins, 4 draws and 2 defeats out of possible 10 points. He was awarded a scholarship of Rs 2000 for his fine effort. This was his second International Chess Tournament and in the process, he defeated some of the highly rated players and proved that he is second to none in his chess moves. The tournament was a record of the sort as 1500 players participated from all over India and abroad in the four-day tournament during Sankaranti time in the capital. Kudos to Mohite for his stupendous show!

C.K. Subramaniam


Sewage suffocation sufferings

The tragic death of sewage unit workers due to suffocation opened up the Pandora’s Box about the safety of such labourers doing a thankless job. The deaths of three have yet again exposed the utter disregard shown by civic administration and private agencies towards the safety of its conservancy workforce. Mira Bhayander Municipal Corporation will have to provide the proper operating system in opening the manhole and suck out the poisonous gas well in time before allowing the workers to get into the manhole for cleaning and other work. The increasing population in the suburbs and in the city is the root cause for all the troubles leading to suffocation. It is a case of negligence and happens time again, despite all the precaution taken. Time tested methods will have to be followed to avoid such suffocation deaths and make sure that the conservancy workforce is given full protection in taking up such risky jobs. Sewage sufferings through suffocation should be put a full stop in all the Municipal Corporation in and around Mumbai in general and Maharashtra in particular.

Jayanthy Anandambal Mani


Priyanka brings glamour and hype to Indian politics!

Bold and beautiful Priyanka Gandhi brings glamour and hype to Indian politics on the eve of general elections but doesn’t think she has the ability to convert this into ‘seats’ for the Congress. She has a striking resemblance to her grandmother former PM Indira Gandhi but comparison along with the ‘Vadra’ tag is a liability which may prove her downfall. Thrown into UP politics in an area where PM Modi and CM Yogi Adityanath have a strong base, Priyanka would find the going tough where she would draw crowds but would not be able to convert them into votes and seats.

However, politics runs into Priyanka’s blood and she has literally grown amidst the power circles of Indian politics. She is clever enough to mould herself into the new job at hand and time would determine her success in politics. Wishing Priyanka Gandhi good look and hope her entry into active politics inspire more women to enter politics which today is dominated by men!



Right candidate

Priyanka (Gandhi) Vadra is the right candidate to revive the Congress from fading. She’ll even make a good Prime Minister if given a chance. She has got the courage and will-power just like her grandmother. Nobody else but only she can revive it.

Jubel D’Cruz


Much needed reprieve

The recent move by Hon’ble Ministry of Civil Aviation to invite and thrown open 13 airports in the third round of bids under UDAN is welcome. The visibility of unused airports like that of Car Nicobar, the much needed at airline connectivity to the airports like at Amaravati, Nashik, Kalaburagi and Kalaikunda (Kharagpur) is a positive and welcome step. The new routes awarded now also include connectivity to popular places like Nagarjuna Sagar Dam and the historic Thanjavur city. The operation of Belagavi-Pune and Kalauragi-Bengaluru flights brings in much-needed reprieve after a much longer wait.

UDAN scheme no doubt helps to connect to Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities aided by VGF support rendered by the Ministry. Further, the Ministry should now envisage the scheme so as to encourage medium-haul and long-haul flights either through a direct or onward connection. A return short-haul flight to a Tier 2 city may bring in much-expected demand, but as there is a high necessity for passengers to now use popular international airports as a transit point. Hence direct connectivity to nearby major airports through a medium haul or a long haul flight should be arranged. With the successful launch of UDAN III, the popular scheme may now fulfill further requirements upon considering feasibility factors as necessary.

Further, the ministry should also give a robust push to UDAN for international sectors, post successful launch of Vijayawada-Singapore and Guwahati-Bangkok/Dhaka routes. Efforts should be made to identify suitable airports under Tier 2 cities which carry excessive commercial and tourism potential. Key connectivity thereafter to a suitable international route across the Middle East and South East nations like Colombo, Male, Dubai, Singapore and Bangkok from these Tier 2 airports may be planned in the upcoming UDAN schemes.

Varun S D

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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