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Letters to the Editor: January 29, 2019

RIP George Fernandes!

George Fernandes was one of my favourite politicians. He was a simple person but a great leader. India has lost a great politician. He will always be remembered. May his soul rest in peace!

Jubel D’Cruz


Minimum educational qualification needed for contesting elections

It refers to MP Cabinet Minister Imarti Devi with important portfolio of Women and Child Development having failed to read even a written Hindi script while unfurling Tricolour in Gwalior on the occasion of Republic Day that is on January 26, 2019, despite her having passed the 12th class as per records. Three-time MLA Imarti Devi felt relieved when Gwalior Collector offered and subsequently read rest of the written script on behalf of her. Incident also depicts standard of school education when a person having passed 12th class could not read a Hindi script.

It is indeed an irony that while every government job has a requirement for some minimum educational qualification, there is no such requirement to contest elections when uneducated persons become lawmakers and even ministers ruling well-educated bureaucrats. Legislation must be amended whereby only graduates and above may be able to contest elections. Rather, it may be made compulsory to pass a specially designed test to contest elections.

Incident all recalls of another member reading oath on behalf of George Fernandes as Rajya Sabha member because of his total inability due to the non-recoverable disease. Fitness certificate should also be necessary to contest elections together with the provision of some maximum age to retain membership of lower Houses of legislature at the centre and in the states.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal


India’s endangered national security

I must express my appreciation for Kangana Ranaut for excellent work in Manikarnika. National security is best ensured by rushing to Madame Tussauds and fondly caressing your wax statue. It is also ensured by showing the Accidental Prime Minister and Paresh Raval in Uri. The British made VT station and we only made CSTM. Britishers gave us CRPC and built Indian railways and gave us an education system while we are simply wasting our time in criticising others.  Priyanka Gandhi may or not be successful but why unleash venomous people after her. Recognition of young and capable women achievers is the need of the hour. National security is endangered when you play divisive politics. National security is endangered when you put a politician as governor of Jammu and Kashmir, and not a retired army man. National security is endangered when you encourage your men to undermine the Supreme court and misuse CBI. National security is endangered when you do note ban just for Ghar Ghar Modi. National security is endangered when you don’t sincerely negotiate with Pakistan but send Prakash Vedic to Haafiz Saeed.

Mahendra Singh

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