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Letters to the Editor: January 7, 2019

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Ram Mandir Nirman

A mandir is always built with the cooperation and agreement of one and all through joint ‘Kar seva’. Those who depend on a court order or ordinance are really not “Dharmik”. Modi and Yogi must sit together, call all relevant parties and hammer out a mutual agreement and refrain from excessive publicity and display of bravado.

The biggest job in front of the government and RSS is to worry about rank indiscipline and lack of service attitude (Swabhav) among the masses.

Mahendra Singh


Home’s witness

In a letter written to UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, a BJP MLA has predicted that the party may face “heavy losses in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls due to corruption by officials”, because of not fulfilling the promises which were promised by the recent government. It is shocking that right now many villagers have been deprived of electric facilities in UP, but the government is deaf and blind. Thus, the mood of the people has turned against the state government. If the corruption is not controlled or promises not fulfilled by then, I am sure that the BJP will be defeated badly in upcoming poll.

NH Haleemi


Aircraft should be reviewed

The recent mid-air scare of Chennai-Kolkata flight owing to technical glitches belonging to a P&W engine of A320 neo aircraft should be given a priority review. That the pilots were able to return to its origin through a normal SOP for landing owing to a technical glitch is highly appreciable, considering the safety of passengers being a paramount factor in the sky.

The technical issue owing to damaged engine blades and other factors should be resolved immediately. AAIB and DGCA should now make a detailed review and find out any otherwise possible factor, for many technical issues emerging from A320 neo aircraft’s engines of late. As it is also known that the issue has been persisting through the past two years, the authorities should now move away from the illusion of ‘isolated incidents’, which is now emerging quite often.

Mid-air scare is a safety issue which may put at risk the lives of both the passengers and crew members. Also as the recent Boeing Max 737 engine incident remains afresh, the safety agencies and aviation authorities in India now, no doubt, are very cautions to red flag even a minor mid-air technical glitch of various engine types. Further, the authorities should mandate periodic safety audits and fix any technical glitch immediately and not on ad-hoc basis. The authorities should also now strive to fix the issue amicably, irrespective of brand, carrier type or MRO- while giving utmost priority to the well-being and safety of passengers.

Varun SD


Why is there a discrimination?

Why are women discriminated against entering certain temples like in the case of the Sabarimala temple in Kerala? Why are some men treating women differently?  Weren’t they born from their mother’s womb – who also, is a woman?  When Adam wanted a partner, God did not create Eve differently and men should realise this.

Jubel D’Cruz


Factory fire

A wildfire at the Kandivali factory turned into an inferno as lives were lost because of the factory owner’s negligence. The fire audit of these factories ought to have thrown open the danger in a preventive way. ‘Preventions are better than cure’— is applicable to fire accidents as well. As garments were stored in the godown, it easily caught fire. Given these information, it is only fitting to know how the authorities were just overlooking a highly volatile situation. As negligence was observed in dousing the fire, the process became difficult. Three bodies were found in the washroom and that shows callous approach to the pressing problem of fire. It is time to learn from mistakes.

Abhishek Ramaswamy


(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)
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