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Letters to the Editor: July 04, 2018

1) Direct telecast of Parliamentary proceedings be stopped

Outgoing Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairperson PJ Kurien has rightly suggested based on his experience that direct telecast of Parliamentary proceedings is neither practically proper nor otherwise justified. Study may establish that disruption in Parliamentary proceedings might have increased manifolds ever since direct telecast of Parliamentary proceedings was started. It is also said that some Parliamentarians deliberately create nosy scenes and enter into well of the House so that they may show such video-footage of their activeness in their constituencies.

Otherwise also since there is a provision of expulsion of certain Parliamentary proceedings by chairperson of the concerned House, it is not fair that such proceedings may go public through direct telecast of Parliamentary proceedings. Properly edited pre-recorded Parliamentary proceedings should be telecast for which there should be an all-committee to prevent any element of bias.

– Subhash Chandra Agrawal


2) Reduce validity of demand-drafts

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and Union Finance Ministry should look into serious issue of black-money transactions through benami demand-drafts/pay-orders where such instruments continue exchange of hands like currency. Even there exist certain firms which act like a sort of ‘banker’ where demand-drafts/pay-orders made in their names are easily accepted in markets, and these firms give cash after deducting their commission to holder of such demand-drafts on a date nearing validity-period.

Now with numerous households connected with banks under Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna, stress should be on banking-transactions replacing cash-dealings. Validity of demand-drafts should be further reduced to 45 days with compulsion of printing name and account-number/address of purchasers on these instruments. Demand-drafts/pay-orders of above Rs 10,000 may generally not be made from cash.

– Madhu Agrawal


3) Planting saplings paves the way

Chief Minister’s master plan to plant 13 crore saplings in 2018 is a very good initiative. The Maharashtra government has taken an initiative and that will yield fruits in developing green pasture in the metro city. By planting 400 crore saplings to cover 33 per cent of the state’s forest area is a right step in the right direction. If we are conscientious enough, the task of keeping of environment clean can be accomplished. Each one of us should plant at least one sapling, considering it to be our duty. If we protect trees, nature will do the rest. If we have pollution free environment, we will lead lives of peace and happiness. Where there is a will, physical constraints are of no consequence. God’s precious gift of nature is being destroyed by the complacence of the people.  Chief Minister deserves all praise for taking up the lead in this direction.

– Nikhil Krishnan


4) Ghatkopar plane crash

I was deeply pained to hear the news about the chartered plane crash at Ghatkopar, a suburb in Mumbai on June 28, 2018.  It is very unfortunate that five people including one person on ground lost their lives in this crash. My salutation to the two pilots who showed great presence of mind to avoid a big mishap and saved many lives at the cost of their own lives! My heartfelt condolences to the grief-stricken families of the bereaved and may the souls of the departed who lost their lives in the crash rest in peace!

– Jubel D’Cruz


5) Another bridge bites the dust!

Mumbai city is in the doldrums as another overhead bridge bites the dust bringing the city to a halt as it fell on the busy local tracks at Andheri. Early morning tragedy minimised the casualties but human life has no value in the city as untoward incidents from accidents, fires and killings have become a regular event in the city. Three fourth of the city is dug up for metro and other work on account of poor planning and corruption.

Citizens themselves are responsible for selecting corrupt governments year after year. Educated people need to join politics so that citizens have a good choice to select honest governments in future. The BMC is headquarters for corruption and courts should order investigations in not just bridge collapses but the functioning of the governments and corporations as well!

– S.N.Kabra


6) Brazil Football Team back to business

Neymar fired on all cylinders, scoring for Brazil in their 2-0 victory over Mexico. But it was his theatrics that got everyone talking during the last 16 World Cup Clash. Both Messi and Ronaldo are out of action after early exit of their teams from the championship, but Neymar lived up to his reputation and became a match winner in his own right. The sequence of events that led to the star player scoring a goal is fresh in our memories. Mexico’s Layun Miguel left a sneaky foot on the forward’s ankle while trying to receive the ball. And Neymar reacted by rolling around in over dramatic fashion on the touch line at the Samara Arena. Brazil have won five times, and they are the only team to have played in every tournament. Last time Brazil won the World Cup was in the year 2002 and in the last edition they touched fourth place. This time round they stand a good chance to annexe the cup and show their supremacy in football. Brazil football team is back in business and hoped to go further to the final stages of the tournament.

– Anandambal Subbu

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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