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Letters to the Editor: July 19, 2018

1) Tighten rules to stop misuse of no-confidence motion in LS

Instead of allowing the Parliament, especially Lok Sabha, to function for normal Parliamentary functions, it is without any logic that its valuable time is spent on discussing a no-confidence motion against the government where movers of the motion very well know that the motion is certain to fall. Media reports on differences in the Congress party over timing of no-confidence motion also indicate that it is a political immaturity of the final decision-takers in Congress that they served a platter in silver plate to the Prime Minister to benefit from the opportunity provided to him for political advocacy in Lok Sabha while replying to no-confidence motion.

Rules should be tightened so that the presentation of no-confidence motion in the Lower House may require signatures of at least 34 per cent members with condition to name alternate leader in the same motion. Voting should be secret through electronic-voting machines. Membership of a Parliamentarian should be automatically cancelled while taking oath as Minister in any state to prevent controversial situations like Atal Bihari Vajpayee falling due to solitary vote of the then Odisha Chief Minister Giridhar Gamang who was allowed to vote as a Parliamentarian even after becoming the Chief Minister of the state. Same system should be adopted in respect of no-confidence-motion in the state-assemblies.

– Subhash Chandra Agrawal


2) Modi unable to govern India

None of us have heard of people being lynched during the Congress regime. All these (lynching) have started after Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister of our country. This clearly shows that he’s unable to rule the country.

– Jubel D’Cruz


3) Rural self-sufficiency

Afternoon Voice has many a times suggested the government the practical ways for achieving development in rural and semi urban areas. We intend to rewrite them for consideration.

Rural land holding has been fragmented and average land holding inadequate for any mechanised farming. Cooperative farming hasn’t been successful because of sentimental attachments. Rural society craves for hand holding. Industrialists and business men must be goaded by the government, invest 20 per cent of your profits to help set up small and medium size industries in rural areas. Assist the farmers in convenient sale of their produce. Reliance Fresh must buy fruits and vegetables, pulses, and other produce direct from the farmers to sell in their retail outlets. Construct cold storages and help make pickles for export to compete with. Let them make shoes and clothing; buy them and export them. I have seen clothing from many small countries in UK malls but not sufficient Indian made.

“Humkoo mehnga chahiye, sasta aur acha nahin “. The small sized pumps and motors to be made in villages. The government must encourage people to go to the rural areas. What is Advani Ji doing in Delhi? Let him be sent to Gujarat and Uma Bharti to Ganjdundwara.

MPs who won from their constituencies must live there and supervise development there.

For primary education and primary health care, select girls and boys from hamlets, get them to do MBBS from Mumbai or Lucknow (example). Medical tourism must increase with doctors and nurses from the rural areas. Our top leaders must visit the rural areas to oversee the work there. “Ghee”, “haldi ” must come from the rural areas.

– Mahendra Singh


4) Senior Citizens’ demand

Since the day, one of the Modi government senior citizens expected that all the bank charges and taxes levied by all the public, private, cooperative, and other banks will be asked to stop recovering all such taxes and charges from the savings accounts of the senior citizens, including those on the usage of the ATM (Debit Card) meant for withdrawing cash. But unfortunately, nothing has been done so far in this matter. The majority of the senior citizens are from the lower middle or poor class. Modi Ji is requested to take up this matter at the earliest, with retrospective effect (26/5/2014). I hope that the opposition will support the senior citizens’ request.

– Hansraj Bhat


5) Leptospirosis death in city a matter of grave concern!

Another Leptospirosis death in Mumbai is a matter of grave concern and should act as an eye-opener. Leptospirosis is an infection caused when humans come in contact with soil or water contaminated by the urine of animals infected with leptospira. Stray animals should be checked for leptospira and treated if found infected as they indirectly infect citizens. Mumbai’s potholes too are a matter of grave concern in monsoons as they are dangerous for commuting as we have to deal with them daily.

Education is the need of the hour to deal with monsoon related diseases. State govt should open helpline and emergency centres to treat disease including leptospirosis so that no one dies in future. Prevention is always better than cure and citizens’ health should be the top priority of any government. Vaccines and medicines too should be adequately stocked to deal with any eventualities in future!

– S.N.Kabra


6) Time for a Uniform Civil Code

It refers to the shocking incident of a male panellist slapping and abusing a woman panellist live on a TV show on a private news channel on July 17, 2018. The woman panellist was arguing for her right as a Muslim woman on the TV debate on important issues of Triple Talaq and Hawala. It is surprising that the government-agencies did not take any action against the hardliner panellist agitatedly arguing against the human rights of Muslim women in India.

The then Prime Minister in Lok Sabha once observed, and rightly too, that Uniform Civil Code does not mean the Hindu code to be imposed on all the communities. He clarified that even good aspects from Islam like seeking compulsory consent from prospective brides could be included in the Uniform Civil Code. Increasing crime rate can also be checked to great extent by adopting Islamic principles of stricter punishments for crimes. There are Islamic countries where shopkeepers go for day time resting leaving their shops open without any fear of theft. However, Uniform Civil Code can naturally provide justice to the Islamic women by imposing a total ban on evils like polygamy, Triple Talaq, Hawala, etc. Even cumbersome legacy rights under the Islamic law will be simplified preventing unnecessary court-cases like presently existing monarchy rulers of erstwhile Pataudi state now in Haryana.

Such drastic and bold reforms can never be expected from self-termed secular parties (pseudo-secularists). Present government should implement all such reforms before the next Lok Sabha elections due in the year 2019. Even Article 370 and 35A of the Constitution should be repealed for a permanent solution of Kashmir problem. It is unfair and unjustified that other Indian states do not enjoy such special status as enjoyed in the states of Jammu and Kashmir.

– Madhu Agrawal


(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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