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Letters to the Editor: June 14, 2018

1) Spiritual Guru’s suicide comes as a shock!

Saddened to learn about the death of spiritual guru Bhayyuji Maharaj who shot himself with his licensed revolver to the shock of all! Depression is a killer disease and even spiritual gurus have become the victim of it. A few months back, a top cop too ended his life in a similar manner and this new trend of suicidal thoughts and acts should act as an eye-opener. Had met Bhayyuji Maharaj at Newsmakers Awards on May 1 and he looked so cheerful, always smiling. Looks can be deceptive and the turmoil within his mind was responsible for his death.

Mental turmoil and depression need urgent medical attention. Counselling centres should be set up across the country to deal with this medical issue which today affects a minority of the population. People should not feel ashamed but take the help of medical fraternity whenever they face issues of mental imbalance. In the death of Bhayyuji Maharaj, we have lost a great human being and may his soul Rest In Peace!

– S.N.Kabra

2) Nirav Modi seeking asylum in Britain

It refers to the Indian financial criminal Nirav Modi seeking asylum in Britain which seems to have become a heaven for all such Indian criminals with notorious Vijay Mallya already there. It is time that the Indian government may initiate a determined action-plan through all possible channels including the Interpol, the British government and the governments of other concerned countries to bring back such master-minds playing fraud with the Indian banks.

It is for definite that usual legal-course including extradition-treaties etc. can never fulfil the task fast in the manner required. Direct ministerial-level talks concentrated and focussed only on particular cases of Nirav Modi and Vijay Mallya may perhaps be fruitful in bringing back these two back to India also to prove as a deterrent for future by those planning to leave the country forever after committing financial frauds and enjoying a lavish living abroad in future.

– Subhash Chandra Agrawal

3) Help your dad kick the butt

Are you looking for an original, meaningful and inexpensive Father’s Day gift? If your dad smokes, show him your love by supporting him in quitting smoking.

Quitting the cigar can take many tries and he doesn’t have to do it alone. Let your dad know you’ll stand by his side no matter how long it takes. Even if your dad has tried to quit smoking before, encourage him to keep on trying – a smoker attempts to quit an average of seven times before quitting for good. Remind him that a smoker who gets support and uses medicines are nearly three times as likely to quit for good. Giving up smoking is one of the most difficult things your dad will ever do. Tell him not to get discouraged. If he slips up, let him know that you’re there for him when he’s ready to try again; no matter how difficult it is for him and how many times he tries to give up this habit. Tell him smoking isn’t good for him and it leads to cancer of the lungs and many other respiratory diseases.

– Jubel D’Cruz

4) Rahul lowers party-dignity

Sonia Gandhi should once again think of giving priority to the national interests by unfollowing dynastic tradition in the party by handing over the party-command to some really capable and publicly acceptable talented youth which must not be difficult to be traced out of a country of 130 crores. When Prime Minister can take a bold decision of talent-hunt of 10 talented non-IAS officers for efficient management as Joint Secretaries, it should not be difficult to find out one such single person which can replace Rahul Gandhi as the Congress President to provide an alternative for healthy democracy of two-party system.

With daily statements of Rahul Gandhi with the latest one claiming credit to be number-one to visit the ailing former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee admitted at AIIMS (New Delhi) making a mockery of himself, it is for certain that Congress can never remain even number-two party-position in the next elections. Rather several other regional parties may get more seats than Congress ultimately making India governed by a single-party rule of BJP.

– Madhu Agrawal

5) Tackling inflation

Inflation is a cause of worry for the BJP Government at the centre. The wavelength of the Finance Minister and RBI Governor are the same but they are not able to curtain inflation going high. This may result in fresh fuel price hike. So bringing down inflation rate down is a difficult task in the days to come. Amid fears of further price rises, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) governor Urjit Patel felt that tackling spiralling inflation would be a priority in the coming months. His comments came a day after the government revealed wholesale inflation, driven by higher food and fuel prices, had hit a high in the month of June. Forecasts of a weak annual monsoon that could cut crop production across the country have further fuelled inflation fears. So, the government is trying hard to take all the remedial measures to bring the inflation level within the April figure. By controlling consumer index, the Government can bring the prices of vegetables and fruits down drastically. As the BJP Government is facing a crunch situation, it will take some more time to stabilise inflation and come out of the rut. Now it is time to wait and watch.

– Nikhil Akhilesh

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