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Letters to the Editor: March 1, 2019

India should not play with Pak in WC

I don’t think India should play the World Cup match against Pakistan. Country comes first and we are all standing behind our country. Cricket or Hockey or any other sports, it should be kept aside because this is a huge thing and repeatedly our soldiers are getting killed. We should stand with our country. We should not keep any kind ties with Pakistan. We are powerful enough to feed the world on our own. We stand with every member of the defence force. Their sacrifices should not go waste.

Arif Mahfooz Ambedkar


Small but effective action!

Kulbhushan Jadhav, an Indian citizen has been abducted and illegally detained by Pakistan. He is being inordinately tortured. Hearing of the case is going on in International Court and Harish Salve has been pleading the case on behalf of India. He is going to charge just Rs 1 for this case while Pakistan’s advocate will be taking remuneration in millions. Pakistan’s advocate came to Harish Salve to talk but he signed him to move from there which he silently did. A diplomat named Mittal was present on the occasion. One Pakistani officer came to shake hands with him but Mittal just greeted him with folded hands and registered his protest though following protocol. One action can say more than many words.

Rahul Lokhande


Quality excellence

Indian Railways this week has witnessed three major milestones — the creation of a new South Coast Railway Zone at Visakhapatnam, the launch of Rail Drishti dashboard and online display system launch related to the availability of vacant berths. The landmarks achieved towards quality excellence will no doubt help the passengers to get services by the Indian Railways.

Sir, the launch of the new Rail Drishti dashboard system is a welcome reprieve. The dashboard consists of comprehensive statistical data of all the categories of stations and amenities available for the benefit of passengers. The much-needed quality aspect with respect to food served on board trains is now available with the live monitoring at base kitchens at select few stations, initiated on a pilot basis. No doubt the move to launch a CCTV based live monitoring of railway kitchens will help ensure to keep a check on the quality of food prepared. Apart from this innovative move, the Hon’ble Ministry is further suggested to make necessary amendments in the existing catering policy to carry out a quality check by certified food experts on a timely basis at all places and is now the need of the hour to ensure the quality of food served.

Also, the move to display vacant berths prior to the departure of a train to facilitate a smooth current reservation booking will ensure transparency in allocation of berths. Currently, the data is made available on the official online ticketing portal. The robust vacant berth data made available is up to date and thus ensures the passengers to make a right choice of booking a specific berth/seat. Further, the concerned officials are suggested to integrate this feature with the newly launched ‘Rail Drishti’ dashboard and Indian Railways inquiry portal (main website). By doing so, the Ministry can easily draw upon the daily vacant berth statistics/data in a much comprehensive manner and will enable seamless data availability to the passengers.

Varun S D

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)
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