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Letters to the Editor: March 3, 2019

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Quality excellence

Indian Railways this week has witnessed three major milestones — the creation of a new South Coast Railway Zone at Visakhapatnam, the launch of Rail Drishti dashboard and online display system launch related to the availability of vacant berths. The landmarks achieved towards quality excellence will no doubt help the passengers to get services by the Indian Railways.

The launch of the new ‘Rail Drishti’ dashboard system is a welcome reprieve. The dashboard consists of comprehensive statistical data of all the categories of stations and amenities available for the benefit of passengers. The much-needed quality aspect with respect to food served on board trains is now available with the live monitoring at base kitchens at select few stations, initiated on a pilot basis. No doubt the move to launch a CCTV based live monitoring of railway kitchens will help ensure to keep a check on the quality of food prepared. Apart from this innovative move, the Honourable Ministry is further suggested to make necessary amendments in the existing catering policy to carry out a quality check by certified food experts on a timely basis at all places and is now the need of the hour to ensure the quality of food served.

Also, the move to display vacant berths prior to the departure of a train to facilitate a smooth current reservation booking will ensure transparency in the allocation of berths. Currently, the data is made available on the official online ticketing portal. The robust vacant berth data made available is up to date and thus ensures the passengers to make a right choice of booking a specific berth/seat. Further, the concerned officials are suggested to integrate this feature with the newly launched ‘Rail Drishti’ dashboard and Indian Railways inquiry portal (main website). By doing so, the Ministry can easily draw upon the daily vacant berth statistics/data in a much comprehensive manner and will enable seamless data availability to the passengers.

Varun S D


Hunger Index

India slips from 55th to 103rd rank in Modi years. The 2018 Reports says there are more hungry people in India than five years ago. There is bad news for India from the Global Hunger Index 2018 which ranks India at the 103rd position among the 119 nations.  Last year India was in 100th position. But even more poignantly, India has fallen from 55th position in 2014 when Narendra Modi took over as Prime Minister of the nation at the head of a stable NDA Government. The Global Hunger Index or GHI by the International Food Policy Research Institute in Washington began to rank nations in 2006 which covers the access to food and nature of nutrition to people across the nations of the world. It takes stock of the calorie value of nutrition and quantity of the food intake. India has in fact fallen below the ranking of neighbouring countries Like Nepal and Bangladesh which have been placed at 86th and 72nd rank. China is much ahead of India at 25th position. Sri Lanka stands at 67th position. But Pakistan is lower than India at 106th position.

Md Asim


Healing touch

Through the medium of your esteemed newspaper, I would like to wholeheartedly welcome the judgment by the top Court about preventing Kashmiris for boycott attacks and assault. Give direction to educational institutions to protect Kashmiris in the face of harassment and intimidation in various places of the country after the ghastly terror attack in Pulwama on February 14. Now it can be hoped that the hundreds of students who have returned to their home, move to Delhi or Jammu seeking safety, “will come back in their educational institutions and continue their education. At last, I request our Indian brothers do not assault or harass Kashmiris because as Kashmir is an integral part of India likewise Kashmiris are also an integral part of India. We need both Kashmir and Kashmiris. We will not let the unity of India divide at any cost.

MD Afzal


Total Pak neglect

Terror strike at Pulwama brought the whole country together and unity was displayed at every level. Pakistan government and pro-Pakistan supporters in India will face the music here afterward. The ruling party is getting the full cooperation to make the sorrowful moment a meaningful one to mourn and show our dissent. Voices of sanity as anger simmers and PM Modi feel the fire raging in his heart.

Slowly and steadily the relationship with Pakistan will be cut off at all levels and other countries also join us in isolating Pakistan. It is an opportune moment to go hammer and tong and hit at an opportune moment. The vengeance will be revealed through our actions most peacefully at home and attack the old enemy from all sides at LOC and make a match of every move by the enemy.

Anandambal Subbu

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)
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