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Letters to the Editor: March 6, 2019

Punish who humiliate any religion

It is a strong and admirable step taken by the PTI government; it has removed Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan from his ministry post due to his derogatory statement about the Hindu community. The Hindu community is a minority in Pakistan’s Punjab. Nonetheless, it did justice with them irrespective of caste and religion. This punishment should be imposed across the country, but in our country, many provocative speakers keep on delivering speeches against Muslims and Hindus to take advantage in the election. I request the recent government to punish severely those who humiliate any religion whether that is minority or majority. Such a statement causes to create aversion between each other.

Najmul Huda


Leopard scare

It was a disheartening sight to see a Leopard roaming around in housing societies, Mall, and Hotel. Already residential places like Mulund and Aarey Milk Colony are facing regular visits of the man-eating animal disturbing the lives of common man. The spotting of the man-eater in a Mall is alarming and needs to be looked into before the situation goes out of control. Human life is in danger as visits by the Leopard to places where people are living in these areas should just pray to God for their safety. This is not the first time such thing is happening and the authorities in charge of these animals should make them wander inside an iron railing so that it will not harm the public in any way.  We have to preserve species like Lion, Tiger, and Cheetah but not at the expense of human life. That is my clarion call.

Gundu K Maniam


Take back Padma award from Chanda Kochhar

It refers to the on-going probe by various investigating agencies against former CEO of ICICI Bank Chanda Kochhar. Union Home Ministry should now set procedure whereby prestigious national honours including Padma Awards and Bharat Ratna may be snatched back from those found involved in later controversies by starting it with taking back honour from Chanda Kochhar.

Even there are reports that some of those honoured with Padma Awards in recent years (2018) was declined these honours in past because of intelligence agencies not having endorsed their names after being cleared by Awards Committee. Even submissions filed with Union Home Ministry for taking back Padma awards from some celebrities involved in criminal cases and for being wilful bank-defaulters are not yet decided after years of filing submissions.

Central government should arrange a review of all Padma Awards given in the past by seeking affidavits from the awardees for their not being involved in court-cases and controversies. For future, intelligence agencies should be given sufficient time to verify nominations cleared by Awards Committee by requiring Awards Committee to submit final recommendations by November 30 with the last date for recommendation preponed to June 30. Even idea of making recommendations of Awards Committee public before the final list is announced on eve of Republic Day can be studied so that people knowing some bitter facts about recommended names may send their comments to Union Home Ministry.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal


Airport delay shortened

Mumbai Airport delay due to shutdown is facing delay due to various factors and the delay is drastically reduced from 30 minutes to 15 minutes on day five of runway repair. Mumbai Airport problems are too many. We saw near misses and hits in recent times. The radar failure, delay the flights hovering around airport and some others were diverted as well. Passengers were put to test because of the shutdown and the passengers are coming to terms slowly and steadily as the position improved a lot in the last few days. Because of the delay, flying machines will have to shed more fuel. Several planes lined up as taking offs were hit due to the repair work on the runway. The main problem with airports in Mumbai is congestion. It is high time that the Airport Authority of India (AAI) takes stringent measures and sees that all the problems are solved amicably to make air travel a pleasure after the shutdown is lifted.

Arati Abhishek 


IPL is better than PSL

lPL was started in 2008. It made the T20 format very enjoyable and acceptable. It is a good platform to provide opportunity newcomers. It promotes every player. It makes a smooth way for player to reach team as per his capability. Before IPL it was very difficult to approach and to be selected in Indian international cricket team, and now IPL is like a bridge to be selected in the Indian team.

There are 4 different things between IPL and PSL. It will describe that IPL is better than PSL.

  1. IPL is the first league that was started in India. After it, many leagues were made like big bash, BPL, PSL etc.
  2. IPL is liked all over the world.
  3. IPL has more teams than PSL.
  4. IPL spends more money than PSL.

Ahmar Sikandar

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)
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