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Letters to the Editor: May 05, 2019

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Senior citizen an inspiration for many

Ansuya Gandhi aged 76 was an inspiration to many as she came to cast her vote on a wheelchair. One of the first people to vote in the early morning hours at the Goradia Nagar in Ghatkopar she truly was a sight with her spirit reflecting in her smile after the vote even though she could not walk.

With a recent heart surgery done and still recuperating from the ailment, she was determined to make her mark and contribution to the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. A true citizen, she did not care for the long queue or the heat while patiently waiting for her turn. Her enthusiasm and optimism, led many youth and youngsters to admire and feel proud of the fact that this condition too had her inspired to be a part of the elections.

Asking her what made her not care for her health and come she was quick in saying, “One vote can change a decision and give us a better government. Who knows my vote could be that contributing factor. Ever since I had a chance, I have ensured to be a part of the elections from times gone by and this year too there was no exception for the same. I feel so happy after casting my vote and contributing in a small way towards a better India. I hope that the new government inspires many and my efforts get rewarded.”

Reema Trivedi


Inequality rules roost in India

The news report of the woman who accused CJI pulling out of probe by SC’s panel in CJI case does not come as a surprise. Inequality rules roost in India when it comes to the powerful rich and the weak poor and the sexual harassment case against Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi was bound to fail. The woman seems to have been pressurised to pull out of the probe as even her lawyer was not allowed to accompany her to the proceedings inspite she having a hearing impairment.

Women rights activists along with social groups should stand with the woman who has been forced to pull out of the probe against CJI. A fair public trial is the need of the hour and Supreme Court should provide the services of a top lawyer to the woman who accused the CJI of sexual harassment so that justice can be delivered to the woman and accused punished if found guilty!

S.N. Kabra 


India should emulate Sri Lanka’s policy to prevent terrorism

It refers to media-reports that some terror-elements in India were found linked with recent terror-attack targeting Christian minority in the island-country. Sri Lanka swiftly took several bold remedial actions as safeguard against any such future terror-attacks.

Since India has been a victim of many such terror-attacks, it should prepare itself by taking measures like those of Sri Lankan government so that terror-groups may not find it easy to target anywhere in the country. It is significant that many other countries also take required steps without fearing of any criticism in name of so-called religious freedom.

Only Israel-like policy for being offensive against any terror-attempt can wash away terrorist-elements from India. Israel is fortunate enough where different political parties are united in fight against terrorism unlike in India where there are pseudo-secular political parties which resist any strong action by government in name of human rights and religious freedom.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal


Injustice meted against Tej Bahadur Yadav

This is very worrying about an unexpected decision of Election Commission when Tej Bahadur Yadav was prevented from contesting election against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It comes at a time when many BJP’s candidates are contesting the election who were accused of murder, rape, sexual harassment and terrorism like heinous crime. Sadhvi Pragya Thakur is alleged to be a terrorist inspite of this Election Commission stops a person who is not alleged to be involved in any criminal case. People want to know what about so-called slogans of BJP such as “Sab Ka Saath Sab Ka Vikas” and “Main Bhi Chowkidar”. No doubt that was a golden opportunity for BJP to prove that they really support the country’s shoulders. However such decisions of EC smack of any pressure from which the institution is suffering, along with dictatorship of BJP that is against democratic soul. It would be not wrong to say that this is visible defeat of so-called Chowkidar versus real Chowkidar before coming in battle field.

Md Azim Sheoher


Bring eunuchs in mainstream

Union government should constitute National Eunuch Commission. Unrestricted admission to any educational institution (private or public) for free education to eunuchs be made compulsory without needing any reserved quota. Government should be duty-bound to make eunuchs join mainstream with parents of new-born eunuch child neither allowed nor necessitated to deject their child to be handed over to isolated society of old eunuchs for begging, dancing or resorting to some anti-social activities. Rather criminal action should be taken against those parents who may disown transgender-child. Eunuchs forcing parents to part away with transgender-children should likewise be arrested and punished with stringent-most framed legal provisions. Nothing can improve till effective measures are taken to make eunuchs come out from their regular profession of dancing and begging. It is to be noted that even some men posing as eunuchs resort to force people for giving them money.

While all other criterion for reservation like caste or religion is man-made, eunuchs are dominated section of society created by nature. It is indeed pity that even the respectable and affording families disown their own eunuch-children. Not only eunuchs should be given priority and reservation in government-jobs, but also private institutions giving employment to eunuchs should be encouraged by providing special subsidy on wages paid to them by private establishments. Seats should be reserved for eunuchs in legislature and in public-sector jobs.

Madhu Agrawal


PM Modi taking people for a ride

Mr Narendra Modi, what has happened to the promises you made to the people of India in 2014? Why have they not been fulfilled? Why are you tight-lipped during press conferences?  You are the biggest liar in the world. You make promises after promises but do not fulfill any of them. You are taking the people of India for a ride.

Jubel D’Cruz

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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