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Letters to the Editor: Nov 12, 2018

1) Renaming spree

The Union Home Ministry has given consent to the proposal of name change in 25 villages and towns in different parts of the country in last one year. I believe that the government should close down the name changing the trend in the country because there are so many core issues to be solved such as improving the livelihood of the poor, ensuring that they have better access to health care and creating employment opportunities for the unemployed youth and so on. Why is the government engaged in an unproductive renaming spree? How far is it a justice? Moreover, it also shows the least concern for governance and that is about misplaced priorities. It is also the fact that renaming of a place cannot change its geographical status.

– Mohd Faheem


2) Controversy on glorifying Tipu Sultan

It refers to the controversy on glorifying Tipu Sultan by Karnataka government under the compulsion of alliance-politics celebrating his birth-anniversary with both Chief Minister and his deputy skipping the event. It is significant that Karnataka Chief Minister was against any such celebration when he was not in power with BJP always opposing such celebrations as Tipu Sultan was accused of forcible religion-conversions.

Such celebration at state-level started in the year 2015 amidst protests and resistance only for appeasing pseudo-secular vote-bank politics. The state government should end the controversy by forming a study-team of historians for studying if Tipu Sultan really made forced religious-conversions and extinction of Kodavas community with allegations of killing 70,000 of the community and capturing other 90,000.

If allegations are proved true, then not only the celebration of birth-anniversary but even his glorification in any manner should be stopped.

– Madhu Agrawal


3) The hypocrisy of Hindutva elements

The Hindutva elements are trying to appropriate the Supreme Court verdict on Sabarimala as an assault on the Hindu religious beliefs. The pressure tactics are being used as regard to the Ayodhya issue as well. The Hindutva groups were on the top of the world when the Apex Court struck down the Islamic practice of Triple Talaq. Also, they welcomed the Mumbai High Court judgment upholding the permission of entry to all women in Haji Ali Dargah and the Supreme Court judgment that the mosque is not an integral part of Islam. When the Muslim fundamentalist cried over their religious beliefs, they were diminished. Now the hypocrisy of Hindutva is evident when the Sabarimala judgment is being opposed tooth and nail. The BJP president Amit Shah has even gone to the extent of advising the Apex Court over this issue.

– Mohd Usmani


4) Welcome initiative by Maha Election Commission on NOTA

It refers to Maharashtra State Election Commission MSEC ruling that should None-Of-The-Above NOTA ever get the maximum number of votes in an election, then none of the contesting candidates will be declared as elected and fresh elections would be held in all polls and by-polls to Panchayats and municipalities in the state, has ruled that the order will be applicable to polls and by-polls to all civic bodies and Panchayats. But to avoid the chain of by-elections caused by NOTA winning every time, NOTA button should be disabled in any by-election caused due to NOTA winning the polls.

It is time that the Election Commission of India should adopt the initiative made by MSEC by giving NOTA practical value by making a provision of re-poll to be held in case of NOTA getting highest votes. But to avoid any chain of re-elections caused by NOTA again winning the re-election in such case, NOTA button may be disabled in subsequent re-election caused by NOTA getting maximum votes. Also, all those getting votes less than NOTA should be disqualified to contest any election in a lifetime. The system will make political parties put best possible candidates so as to avoid NOTA winning election, and in practice will avoid any such possibility of NOTA winning in future.

– Subhash Chandra Agrawal


5) The forest department’s step can’t be titled by crime

It is being observed after the killing of tigress Avni, many people and organisations are raising their voice against this step of forest department saying that it was an illegal or criminal step as the Chief Minister of Maharashtra also has ordered a probe into her murder. But what about those 13 people who were killed by Avni? No one seems to be concerned about them and their families. I appreciate all those who are concerned about the tigress Avni, but I want to ask them is there any value of a human life? Which organisation or Minister did come forward to assist the bereaved families when they lost their breadwinners? The step that was taken by the forest department cannot be titled by criminal or illegal step, because it was just to protect the villagers who were afraid even of going to their farms.

– M.F.U.Tandvi


6) Tip in temperature

Winter climate started mildly and arrived with a message and the temperature dips. It is time to protect the body from the cold by wearing cloth which keeps you warm. Winter memories are fresh in our minds. Slowly but surely the temperature will drop down in the coming weeks and it is time to take care of the health. With cold climate, the pollution levels are also very high and causing health issues for people having asthamatic trouble and suffering from breathing problems. Furthermore, the wind speed was low and so it did not allow swift dispersion of pollutants. Both sick seniors and infants suffer because of the change in weather. It is better to take precautions rather than expose to the vagaries of weather. Wearing the protective dress and to cover the face when going out in the morning hours will help to withstand the dip in temperature as preventive measures.

– C.K.S. Maniam


7) Beyond barriers

When my good wishes for Swapna Barman that she has clinched the gold medal, at the same time the Adidas company does deserve a salute. Asian Games gold medallist Swapna Barman will receive seven pairs of customised shoes, one each for the different events of Heptathlon, sports giants Adidas announced a few days back.

Swapna, who became the first Indian to secure a gold medal in the heptathlon at the Asian Games held earlier this year, was born with six toes in both her feet. Her plight was highlighted after she clinched the gold medal at the Jakarta Games.

After a detailed foot analysis, the brand has decided to support Swapna by designing customised high-performance footwear and shall be providing her with seven unique pairs, one each for the seven different events of Heptathlon. Her accomplishment and victory have made the entire country proud. She should be an ideal for others as she has created a hope for millions of young people especially ladies across India and gave them hope to prove their talents at the international stage. The government should take a lesson from Adidas.

I hope she would be provided with more facilities to train and enhance her skills by the centre.

– A.Z.S. Qasmi


(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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