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Letters to the Editor: Nov 16, 2018

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1) Legalised coal-theft in Dhanbad

It is indeed a matter of great shock and regret that Jharkhand government and the Dhanbad administration have innovated ways to legalise coal-theft when both of these failed to counter powerful coal-mafia in the state. Carrying coal on non-motorised two-wheelers in any quantity is permissible. Coal-mafia engaged in coal-theft engages skilled bicyclists who can carry many huge jute-bags on cycles with a width of coal-bags extending at least one meter on each side of the cycle. There is another person on a motor-cycle pushing the heavily loaded bicycle since it is practically impossible for a bicyclist to carry such heavy load of coal-bags. Even traffic-police closes eye on such highly dangerous load-carrying on the bicycle.

It seems that enforcing law and order is practically possible in the capital city of India and maybe some other metro-cities. Otherwise, the state-governments like Jharkhand government are compelled to run administration under various types of mafias. Jharkhand government should immediately check the malpractice and impose a total ban on illegal coal-movement even on bicycles. There should be a crackdown on coal-mafia by arresting the known big ones, or otherwise, Jharkhand government has no right to remain in power for its failure in stopping big coal-theft from coal-mines.

– Subhash Chandra Agrawal


2) The country needs proper higher education

It was heartening to learn that over 190,000 students were on the rolls of the American colleges and universities during 2017-18 making it the fifth consecutive academic year which saw the figure increase. According to 2018 Open Door report, the number of Indians studying in the United States rose by 5.4 per cent over the last year to 1,96,271. Looking at the last 10 years of data, the number of students going to the United States has doubled. On the other hand, it is also a matter of consideration for the Indian government that Indian students are looking for a great education and preferring the US institutions for this porous. India also should provide such higher education so that nobody feels the need to go abroad as it demands a large amount of money.

– Mohd Faheem


3) SC should not interfere in religious matters

I welcome the Supreme Court’s decision to reconsider its 55-day-old judgment quashing the ban on the entry of women in the 10-59 years age group into the Sabarimala Temple. Finally, the Apex Court has responded to hear the 49 petitions requesting a relook at the controversial verdict which led to a mass protest in Kerala as well as a debate on the court’s competence to interfere with religious traditions. However, now the court should take an appropriate decision which may stop more protest in the state because the state already has witnessed massive protests in the last few months. I think that the Apex Court should not intrude in religious matters. Rather, it must let the people practice over their religious traditions freely without interference by the court or government.

– F.T.Mulla


4) Always try to save animals

The Tigress Avni was murder in Yavatmal by orders from the State Forest Department. It is a sad news for everyone in the country because one animal was killed by the orders of the government but it was done in the severe constraints, as till now 13 people were killed by the Tigress. It is better to kill the man-eater animals than to leave them because the lives of human beings are more important than the animals. I don’t think this was a bad action taken by the government. However, we should always try to save the animals as much as possible.

– Alqamah sheikh


5) Beg to differ with Gautam Gambhir!

I respect Gautam Gambhir as a cricketer and human being but his outburst against former India captain Mohammad Azharuddin for being asked to ring the bell at CAB (on invitation) before the first T-20 game was unwarranted. Match-fixing and corruption charges against Mohammad Azharuddin could not be proved in the courts and the cricketer was absolved of all the charges. Azhar played 99 Tests for his country and even scored a hundred in his last Test. We all know that he began his career with three hundred in his first 3 Tests which is a world record.

We must respect Azhar’s contribution to the Indian Cricket both as a player and as a Captain in spite of his career ending on a sour note. Gautam should respect the law of the land as Azhar’s guilt could not be proved and let us create no further humiliation to the former India skipper who was undoubtedly one of the greatest cricketers our country has ever produced!

– S.N.Kabra


6) 2nd anniversary of Demonetisation

The Ruling and the Opposition parties are putting counterclaims about the success or failure of demonetisation on its second anniversary when the old currency-notes of denominations of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 were demonetised on November 8, 2016. Demonetisation was indeed a very good and bold step. Rather, it was senseless to issue Rs 500 notes in the year 1987 followed by the issue of Rs 1000 denomination notes. It is significant that every sensible country has the highest denomination of 100 in its currency.

But poor implementation made such a bold step a sort of failure when currency-circulation now is higher than that before demonetisation. If 50 per cent disclosure scheme would have been announced by the Prime Minister in his speech of November 8, 2016, it would have overflown public-exchequer. By the time the scheme was announced, most people having unaccounted currency had exchanged old currency with new currency at a cost ranging from 30-40 per cent. There would not have been currency-crunch if the old currency would have been allowed at outlets of essential services like Mother-Dairy booths, Kendriya-Bhandaar, and petrol-pumps. Negligible cases of misuse could make demonetisation a smooth affair. Allowing too many Identification proofs for note-exchange resulted in long queues repeatedly.

Even now, corrective measures can and should be taken by targeting larger transactions of say Rs 20,000 and above for compulsorily through banking transaction rather than targeting petty ones through BhimApp and PayTM etc. Monthly withdrawal from the banks by an individual should be Rs 96,000 to be gradually reduced to Rs 48,000 per month.

– Madhu Agrawal


7) Kohli keep it light

Kohli’s arrogance is well known and now it is open. India’s Cricket Captain is in damage control mode after his leave India jab at a fan is now the talk of the town.

Cricket is a game universally watched and not played so in India unlike Football and other team sports. Further, a very few countries play ‘Cricket’ which means that there is no real international competition and the world of cricket is predominantly controlled by the BCCI where India plays mostly in India and with weak teams like Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, and West Indies etc. abroad. We avoid playing with Pakistan and New Zealand on overseas tours. But, when playing abroad in neutral pitches, we come as a ‘cropper’. This game is the most politicised backed by sheer money power in India as compared to other games.

The problem with the “better” Indian cricketers is that they become arrogant and deified by the funny Indian cricket lovers, which goes to their head, beyond the limit, resulting in almost all of them becoming too arrogant. This reader is reminded of a very important statement made by former Australian Captain, Ricky Ponting that “Indians and the players are more interested in self-aggrandizement, than actually playing selflessly for the country”. He was commenting on the situation often happened in those times.

A shocking and unsportsmanlike outburst from a sportsman who should know that anyone who receives bouquets would also receive brickbats! He should have the equanimity to take both the accolades and criticism in the same stride. Well, the comment made in twitter was meant to provoke Virat and succeeded in it. Kohli being an experienced public figure should have toned down his response, can’t tell someone to leave the country for not liking batsmen of the cricket team.

Kohli cannot take criticism in any shape or form. He cannot deal with criticism from the fans or the press. He has anger issues. The fans are getting tired of his monkey antics. Suggest that he take professional help immediately.

– Nickhil Krishnan


(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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