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Letters to the Editor: Oct 01, 2018

1) Disaster in Indonesia

Encircled in this news is powerful quake which sent a tsunami leading around 1,000 people passed away, financial damages in a large-scale, and thousands of people’s injuries. It was heart-breaking to read about this national, adverse disaster, which left the whole nation in tidal waves of sheer grief and sorrow. Now, it is every individual’s responsibility to help them with every possible assistance to redevelop the Indonesian nation. I also request the Indian government to assure to provide its support and assistance in any way possible. I thank the rescue teams and their tireless efforts to find out the people and protect them.

– Mohd Usmani


2) Swaraj has done the right thing

I support the External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj’s frontal attack at the UN General Assembly (UNGA) on Pakistan that it is expert in trying to mask malevolence with verbal duplicity, because if Pakistan prints postage stamps glorifying terrorist Burhan Wani, it means they are not serious enough for bilateral talks. They are not restricting to spawn the ground for terrorism. If Pakistan wants peace in the subcontinent, it will have to stop promoting terrorism from their land. Also, I am very delighted to listen to her speech in Hindi.

– Qeyamuddin


3) Cong and morality

Does the Congress have the “moral right” to call for the resignations of the Prime Minister and Defence Minister over the Rafale deal? Did Nehru quit in the aftermath of the Chinese debacle in 1962? Did Indira Gandhi resign immediately after the Allahabad High Court’s adverse verdict in 1975? Did Rajiv Gandhi put in his papers after the Bofors scandal broke out in 1987?

– Divyesh Chovatiya


4) No govt jobs for retired judges

It refers to the Bar Council of India rightly requesting retiring Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra not to accept any post-retirement government-assignment as also desired by retired Justice Jasti Chelameswar. The ruling BJP while it was in Opposition, had always advocated the principle of not giving any post-retirement job to the retired judges except those being required under the Constitution like for the post of National Human Rights Commission (NHRC). But the very same BJP itself broke its desired ideals by appointing a retired Chief Justice of India as a state-governor. Time has come when rules should be framed so that any retired judge of the higher court may not be accepting any government-assignment till two years after retirement from the judiciary.

– Madhu Agrawal


5) The historic verdict of Apex Court

The historic verdict of Supreme Court to allow the entry of women of all ages into the Sabarimala Ayyappa temple in Kerala is welcomed. It will assure the right of equality to them. It is obvious that worship is an inner belief of one without any discrimination between a man and woman. So a man can’t dominate the rights of worship and biological factors can’t be a legitimate ground to deny women their right to worship. Now, the female devotees of Ayyappa Lord can come forward to extend their worship and prayers in front of their Lord. I thank the Apex Court to take such step for women who are often deprived of their basic rights in every aspect of life.

– F.T.Mulla


6) Bleeding stock markets a concern

Bleeding stock markets are a matter of grave concern as stock prices fall like nine pins on the bourses. The economy has received a dent as most money was diverted to the stock markets which now have been turned to ash for many greedy investors who bought dubious companies whose net worth has been reduced by 90 per cent in a matter of a week. However, it is a boon in disguise for real investors as good company stocks are now available even below their book value.

Rising dollar and fuel prices, unemployment and inflation are immediate triggers that are pulling the markets down. But just as the rally cannot sustain over a period of times, this steep fall too would be bought into and the bottom could be nearer than investors think. Don’t think that the Lehman crisis would be revisited though we have heard of a few defaults by some players which have aggregated the fall. Today, we have a strong regulator and checks as well as balances in place. Long-term investors need not worry if they have bought quality stocks which would recover aggressively than they have fallen!

– S.N.Kabra


7) Pakyong Airport to boost tourism

It is welcome to note the opening of India’s 100th Airport at Pakyong, Sikkim and also connected to Guwahati/Kolkata through the Ministry of Civil Aviation’s new UDAN scheme. Sikkim is now the last of the Indian states in India to be connected through a new commercially operational airport. As the state obtained its statehood in 1975 to join the Indian Union, it is an ironical fact that it took successive governments such a long time to open a fully operational commercial airport

The opening of a new airport at Pakyong will certainly boost the tourism sector along with the growth of the other industries and the need to travel to Sikkim by air through Bagdogra Airport will be reduced. With the opening of the new airport, Sikkim will now be prepared to witness massive development related to infrastructure and tourism towards the end of 2020.

Further, as the Pakyong Airport is landlocked and surrounded by international borders aligning with Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, and China, the Airport should unanimously be upgraded to an international status. This will enhance connectivity to sectors with the neighbouring SAARC countries and also one is given to understand that Pakyong will be connected with Paro Airport, Bhutan effective January 2019. The concerned ministries should further look forward to strengthening the air connectivity in this region with the rest of the country apart from Guwahati and Kolkata.

The 100th Airport opening in Sikkim is a highly commendable effort owing to engineering marvels achieved while building the Airport. However, as compared to the massive aviation infrastructure growth witnessed elsewhere in the world, India’s airport infrastructure growth needs to gain a significant pace. The need for the massive development of new greenfield airports and also the Civil Aviation Ministry’s newly launched NABH (Nextgen Airports For Bharat) Nirman initiative now needs a greater and robust push, to achieve the significant milestone of having beyond 100 airports in India at least by 2020.

– Varun SD


8) Challenges allowing women in Sabarimala Temple

Though the Supreme Court’s verdict to allow the entry of women of all ages into the Sabarimala Ayyappa temple is welcomed and historic, there are few big challenges to allow the women visit the temple which cannot be ignored. The main issue for the women pilgrims will be the lack of adequate sanitation facilities near the queue complex. Another challenge will be lack of full-fledged hospital facility. Moreover, the heavy rush of pilgrims also is a matter of great concerned which takes 15-20 hours to reach the temple standing in the queue. Security concern too is expected to be a worry as the police usually struggle to effectively control the crowd. So, now the government should pay attention to figure out of these challenges.

– MF Qasmi


(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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