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Letters to the Editor: Oct 05, 2018

1) Snatch honours from those involved in controversies

It refers to ICICI Bank CEO Chanda Kochhar resigning from the post even before the probe by retired Justice BN Srikrishna in charges against her was over. Earlier, she went on leave amid pending enquiry-proceedings. Union Home Ministry should now set procedure whereby prestigious national honours including Padma Awards and Bharat Ratna may be snatched back from those found involved in controversies later by starting it with taking back honour from Chanda Kochhar.

Even there are reports that some of those honoured with Padma Awards in the year 2018, were declined these honours in the past because of intelligence agencies not having endorsed their names after being cleared by Awards Committee. Even submissions filed with Union Home Ministry for taking back Padma Awards from some celebrities involved in criminal cases and for being wilful bank defaulters are not yet decided after years of filing submissions.

Central government should arrange a review of all Padma Awards given in the past by seeking affidavits from the awardees for their not being involved in the court cases and controversies. For future, intelligence agencies should be given sufficient time to verify nominations cleared by Awards Committee by requiring Awards Committee to submit final recommendations by November 30 with the last date for recommendation preponed to June 30. Even idea of making recommendations of Awards Committee public before the final list is announced on the eve of Republic Day can be studied so that people knowing some bitter facts about recommended names may send their comments to the Union Home Ministry.

– Madhu Agrawal


2) BJP is playing trick with common people

Finally, the BJP government decided to cut the prices of petrol and diesel by Rs 2.50 per litre to give relief to the common man. It is also interesting to know that the Centre’s decision to cut fuel prices came just days before the Election Commission is expected to announce the dates for Assembly elections in the crucial states of Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Telangana. It shows that the government is playing a trick with people to clinch the victory in these states. If the BJP really wants to do something genuinely for the sake of people’s relief, it should bring both the fuels under GST. Why the state governments are changing around half taxes on the fuels?

– MF Qasmi


3) Bashing Modi is futile 

It is high time that the Congress must realise the futility of Narendra Modi bashing and theatrics in order to remain politically relevant. Instead, what are the concrete proposals or the alternative narratives the party has to offer to the people? If those in the Congress are ideal followers of the Mahatma, why did they not disband the party after Independence? It is now just a political outfit for one family to continue to be in politics. Nobody can deny the multifaceted progress that India has achieved in the last four years.

– Divyesh Chovatiya


4) India’s proud move

It is a very helpful step which India took to dispatch two aircraft and three naval ships carrying relief material to Tsunami-hit Indonesia. Indian government and its nation proved again its kindness and tenderness towards needy human beings. It is a reality that Indonesia immensely needs for a international assistance. I thank my country to step out with such a heart touching move by helping the Indonesian nation’s help and I am proud of being an Indian.

– M.F.U.Tandvi


5) Congratulations PM Modi!

I extend my deepest congratulations to the honourable Prime Minister Narendra to be awarded the UN’s highest environmental honour for his leadership of the International Solar Alliance and pledge to eliminate single-use plastic in India by 2022. It is the matter of great pride for every India citizen. I expect that it will be a transformative revolution in the country and will be an inspiration for the people who are rendering their services for environmental developments. It is a reward for his tireless efforts which he made to tackle the environmental issues of our time. Really to be awarded by  Champions of the Earth Award, the UN’s highest environmental recognition, is a great achievement of PM Narendra Modi.

– Mohd Usmani


6) Is team India really prepared to win next year’s World Cup!

Our cricket team is ill-prepared for the next year’s ODI World Cup as we even struggle to beat teams like Bangladesh and Afghanistan. India won the Asia Cup beating Bangladesh but at the last ball which speaks poorly of the men in blue who seems to be having ‘Blues’ due to their overconfidence and lacklustre approach as most players prefer to show their talent in IPL where they make the big bucks. We have the talent but the motivation to perform seems to be missing. IPL has messed up players approach totally as our team plays even Tests and ODI’s like T-20.

Mental approach is important to win big tournaments and past greats like Kapil Dev and Tendulkar should be asked to spend some time with the boys so that their attitude undergoes a change to face tough teams like Australia and others in tournaments like the World Cup. We have the talent and skills to win the next year’s World Cup but the boys shaken confidence can be built if they start believing in themselves that they can win!

– S.N.Kabra


7) Sabarimala verdict will end inequality and discrimination

Upholding the right of women of all ages to worship in places of their choice, and the decision of opening the doors of the famed temple of Lord Ayyappa in Sabarimala, Kerala, for the women in the menstruation age also, is a logical and rational judgement. Though it contradicts religious beliefs but in the veil of religion, you cannot play the game of discrimination with women. Obviously, this is a custom in the personal law which is derogatory to fundamental rights and it should be quashed and scrapped. To tell the truth, according to me, this is not even a religious belief because no religion teaches prejudice against women and in every religion right to worship is equally available to men and women, these old customs are man-made archaic laws, based on inequality, which never should be allowed in such a democratic country. I see eye to eye with Justice Chandrachud’s statement that this ban was actually a form of untouchability. However, I am happy with the Apex Court’s verdict that is exclusion on the grounds of biological, physiological features like menstruation is unconstitutional and discriminatory. It will help to eradicate inequality and discrimination based on gender from our society.

– Qeyamuddin


(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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