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Letters to the Editor: Oct 10, 2018

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1) SC should not interfere in religious practices

After the verdict of the Supreme Court upholding the allowance to the women between 10 and 50 years to Sabarimala temple came out with a lot of questions and challenges arising. One of the most essential challenge is to find out the proper solution of the overcrowded row over the entry of women. How could the Supreme Court entertain a writ petition filed by the Indian Young Lawyers Association under Article 32 of the Constitution in a religious matter? The verdict is not digestible for the devotees and organisers of the temple. They claimed that the devotees of the temple did not accuse the practices followed as discriminatory to their gender. So the honourable Supreme Court should not have interfered in an age-old religious practice. Now the SC should think deeply over the review petitions before giving any verdict.

– Mohd Faheem


2) Bihar government responsible for women’s molestation

One mere disgraceful incident came about in the state of Bihar where 30 minor girls in Supaul district were beaten up by over two dozen villagers, because they raised their voice against eve-teasing and sexual harassment. It seems that the Bihar government forgot the case of shelter which happened earlier this year and rocked the state. This kind of incidents are taking place repeatedly, because the state government is standing as a mute spectacular and Chief Minister Nitesh Kumar personally interferes and ensures that rapists and perpetrators get a free run. What a coincidence that in most of the cases his partyman, lawmakers and office bearers are main culprits. The Central government should give some strict instructions to the state in this very regretful situation of Bihar.

– F.T.Mulla


3) India should develop education system

It is quite certain that education is an essential part of an individual’s life and no society or nation can develop without education. It had been a subject matter from the beginning that India lacks in education and technology. As per the last Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Report released by UNESCO, India’s Literacy rate stands at a dismal 72 per cent. The figures vary marginally from the Census report of 2011 which places India’s Literacy Rate at 74 per cent. It can be stated that about 25 to 27 per cent of India’s population is illiterate. However, the fact cannot be ignored that 1 in every 4 people in the country cannot read or write. So India is in a desperate need to develop an education system to control this ever-growing illiterate population of the country.

– Mohd Rahmani


4) Abolishing free travel facility to Parliamentarians

An RTI response from Rajya Sabha Secretariat confirmed that no cancellation charges are levied on cancelled rail reservation done by the Parliamentarians because they are privileged with the facility of free rail travel. It is a bitter fact that all seats and berths in railways in first-class air-conditioned coaches are full way much in advance mostly in the name of Parliamentarians which are not availed in practice in most cases, causing problems for passengers desiring reservation in the first-class air-conditioned class.

This is a criminal waste of public resources. A system may be formulated whereby full cancellation charges may be recovered from the Parliamentarians not availing rail reservation like it is done in the case of the public. The full cost of rail ticket may be recovered from the Parliamentarians who neither travel nor cancel their train reservation.

Since seats and berths in the first-class air-conditioned train coaches are very limited, the Parliamentarians should be allowed free rail travel only up to second air-conditioned coaches. In case, they wish to travel in the higher class like first-class air-conditioned or proposed Anubhuti class, they should be asked to pay for such luxury travel. Facility of free travel in these higher classes should be only on payment basis abolishing free travel facility altogether for any category.

– Madhu Agrawal


(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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