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Letters to the Editor: Sept 03, 2018

1) Badly conceived plastic ban fizzled out the city!

Plastic ban in Mumbai has fizzled out and it is sad to learn that rules on avoiding plastic are now openly being flouted by one and all. The whole scheme of discouraging the public from using plastic bags was ill-conceived without proper planning which is the reason why the ban has failed to create a fear in the minds of all after the initial hullabaloo when a few individuals were fined for publicity. The focus should not have been on fine and penalisation but on educating citizens to avoid plastic use as it is harmful to the environment.

Penalties don’t work when there are no alternatives and citizens should have been provided with the choices of environmental friendly packaging material and carry bags before implementing the plastic ban. The government, however, should not give up and can still work out a new strategy to dissuade people from using plastic in their day to day lives. The focus this time should not be on fines but on a mechanism that discourages people from using plastic which should not be difficult in a city which actually is a leader when it comes to innovation and business!

– S.N.Kabra


2) Hike in fuel price

Petrol and diesel are an essential commodity in our day-to-day life. But the people are facing a very difficult time owing to prize hike of fuels in India. Fuel prices today hit their highest level, crossing the previous peak of the prices. The government must consider problems of common man, middle-class, farmers, transporters and small, medium businesses because they are bearing the brunt of it. It is surprising to note that petrol and diesel in the capital — Delhi are available in the range of Rs 78-84 and from Rs 70 to 75 respectively, but an RTI reply revealed the government is selling petrol to 15 countries at just Rs 34 per litre and diesel to 29 countries at Rs 37 only. This is how the government betrayed and backstabbed the people of India.

– M.F.Qasmi


3) Fascinating victory

It is extremely appreciable that a 60-year-old man Pranab Bardhan along with his 56-year-old partner clinched the gold in men’s pair event of the bridge competition at the 18th Asian games. How splendid achievement it is! Really, they scripted history to become the first oldest men win the gold at the Asian games. I extend million of congratulations to them for making India proud once again irrespective their age. Your performance was fantastic and you won billions of hearts by your hardship and dedication.

– Mohd Usmani


4) Unity in diversity

India is a country that has many different nations and their culture and the collection of civilisations make it like a garden full of several kinds of flowers. Unity in diversity is its speciality that makes it distinguished among the entire world.

But I don’t know why some people want to finish this diversity and take away Indians’ rights to follow their scriptures and cultures. Although UCC is one of the directive principles, it is not necessary to act upon that like other directive principles, as the Law Commission of India said that it is neither necessary nor desirable at this stage.

I appreciate the decision of law commission of India regarding UCC. I hope it will be a nice step towards saving India’s unity in diversity and cultural freedom to its people.

– Md Yasin


5) Society requirements

Youth is the backbone of the society. Any society can’t get improvement in any field of life without the support of youth. It is the most important issue of time to guide the new generation to their real goal of life, the importance of the Indian culture and creation of a crime-free environment otherwise, the social values will go down and the country will lose its ancient culture.

A boy student of third year slit a 16-year-old, class 10 student at her house where she was alone, because the girl had rejected his love proposal. Listening such incidents carried out by the youth, we get worried about the country’s future and our society where a lady Can’t be safe.

Making awareness about ladies safety, struggle to stop such affairs and guide youth to the good manners and behaviours especially with ladies are the requirements of society and the need of the hour.

– M.Y. Numani


6) Good decision of Law Commission

The Law Commission of India took the best decision about the Uniform Civil Code. It said on Friday a Uniform Civil Code is “neither necessary nor desirable at this stage, because our constitution gave the right to practice every religion on their religion as per the article 25 and 29.

If the Uniform Civil Code is implemented in our country, it is not possible in a religion only because there are different ways to get married in a religion, for example, in Hindu religion, because Brahman’s way is different, Jain’s way is different etc.

So how can it be possible where people of different religions live here? So, I strongly encourage this decision that the Law commission took.

– Md Irfan


7) Computerisation must be compulsory

It should be made mandatory for the new-age medical practitioners to issue prescriptions directly from the computer after storing a medical history of patients in their computers. Many medical practitioners especially, in the lower-income localities give their own prepared medicinal syrups and powder-capsules without letting patients know about the medicines being administered to them. In the emergency era of 1975-1977, such unhealthy practice was effectively checked by making all medical practitioners to compulsorily maintain a record of each patient visiting them and also binding every medical practitioner to compulsorily give a copy of prescription of administered or prescribed medicines even though given by the medical practitioner. Such medical discipline should be restored in a larger public interest. However, old-aged practitioners might not be aware of the technology, may be exempted from the compulsory issue of computerised medical prescriptions. The system will enable practitioners sending medical alerts like about banned medicines through e-mail to their regular patients.

It should be made mandatory for all pathological laboratories throughout the country to assign a customer number to everyone going for medical tests there. Personal data-record including contact details and all other available information, if any, like blood group, medical insurance, treating physician-surgeon etc. of the customers should also then be registered in the computer database of consumers. The system will enable pathological laboratories to maintain a past medical history of patients on computers. Such a system will rather add to a regular clientele of pathological laboratories, which can offer membership discounts for their regular customers and other business promotional activities.

– Subhash Chandra Agrawal


8) Steroids mixed in unbranded medicines

There are reports that many times some medical-practitioners including in Unani, Ayurvedic and homoeopathic fields mix strong doses of steroids in unbranded medicines like powders and syrups in a bid to exhibit their self-acclaimed expertise in curing diseases. Central government should formulate some effective remedy to overcome the problem. Even though remedy lies in banning unbranded medicines, but the step is liable to open a pathway for minting money for drug manufacturers.

Best remedy is that Central government may establish its own production units for all types of medicines including allopathic, Unani, homoeopathic and ayurvedic like once it had Indian Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Limited (IDPL) to provide cheaper branded medicines in all fields of medicines so that it may be feasible to impose a total ban on unbranded medicines. The step will make drug-manufacturers to reduce prices of medicines where presently they are minting money out of their brand names.

– Madhu Agrawal


(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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