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Letters to the Editor:January 4 , 2019

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BJP should act fast

Two decisions taken by the BJP-led government over the past four-and-a-half years have been transformative: the GST Act and IBC. The initial hiccups in the implementation of GST could disappear in 2019, with streamlining producers. It seems the government will probably fix a single tax rate for all goods and services to win the national elections. Now it has begun to remit farmer’s loans, decrease the fuel’s price, as well as investigate crimes in UP, etc. I think BJP should fulfill all promises within one or two months rapidly because its boat is capsizing in stormy circumstances.

Najmul Qasmi


Make calendar year as financial year

An expert committee chaired by the known economist LK Jha which was set up by the Union Government to suggest new financial year had suggested the systematic calendar year of January-December to replace the current system of April-March financial year due to multiple advantageous, and also to be in tune with most other countries of the world. But as usual, recommendations of LK Jha’s committee set up at high cost were dumped by the then political rulers without being implemented. It is time that both the financial and the working year for the complete country may be unified as the systematic calendar year to replace a present financial year of April-March which is the continuation of a British legacy even after seven long decades of the country having achieved independence.

Madhu Agrawal


Feast of Epiphany

The Epiphany, which is celebrated on January 6, is one of the most important feasts of the Catholic Church in which we celebrate the ‘manifestation of Jesus Christ’ to the Gentiles, through his manifestation to the three wise men known as the Magi. Epiphany is also the last day of Christmas when the three wise men (Magi) presented their gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh to the infant Jesus.

Jubel D’Cruz


Will the Deity shower his Grace on such people?

There is a worldwide attraction for our Hindu culture. Because of this, when the tourists come to India and visit the tourist attractions, they visit temples and experience bliss and peace found in the temples. Many foreigners do not just visit the numerous pilgrim sites but also take part in the rituals. So they not only experience peace and bliss, but they also do a deep study of the rituals as a source of positive energy. While doing this, they show respect to the customs and traditions of the temples and follow them as well. They do not make fun of them which is commendable. Though they are not Hindus they give primacy to following of norms and rules. There is a saying, ‘where there is the devotion God is there’. The foreigners have tremendous respect for the Hindu temples and culture. How appropriate is it to feel appreciation and pride about the women who are destroying the traditions just so that they win the entry to the temple? Many women tried to get an entry in the Sabarimala temple. In all these endeavours, was their devotion and faith seen? Like the devotion and faith that can be seen in the pilgrimage of Pandharpur (Maharashtra), where the devotees walk for 15-20 days during ‘Aashadhi Ekadasi’ chanting Vithal’s name all the way. The women devotees who were blocking the entrance of the women into Sabarimala were singing devotional songs and chanting ‘Sami Sharanam Ayyappa’ all the time. The women who were trying to enter the temple in abidance with the court order showed determination to enter but where was the devotion for the deity they were forcing themselves on? Will the deity shower his grace on the people who are coming by breaking the tradition and rules just because there is a court order permitting their entry? When there is no devotion and there is only this enterprise of coming, is the expectation of grace from the deity possible?

Manasi Joshi


Mobile Companies’ daylight robbery

I, a senior citizen (age 71 years) got the following SMS from my Airtel mobile service provider, “Outgoing services on Airtel stops tomorrow. In case of no recharge, Rs. 23/- will be deducted on 1 Jan. 19 from (your) main balance.” I am receiving this message every day since December 29 and my balance amounting to Rs 118.69 is already there with Airtel. What right has Airtel got to hatch such daylight robbery of crores from its customers all across India? I have come to know that other mobile companies like ‘Vodafone’ and ‘Idea’ are sending the similar type of daylight robbery messages to all their customers. The Central government and all the state governments are requested to stop such robbery on war-footing.

Hansraj Bhat 


Resolutions and my wishes for the New Year!

Many people talk big on and about making a New Year resolution, but as days and months pass by, many people do not even remember them! In today’s mechanical world with strenuous daily routines, one will certainly not be able to honestly abide by any resolution.

My resolution always is not to have or follow any resolution. Because, I believe in living life as it comes. One should believe in living in the moment and take things as they come and face them according to situations.

I want to, in fact, leave the past behind and make the most of what lies ahead. And yes, if anybody asks me to have some resolution and what do I wish for, then I would rather say that we must resolve to make our planet peaceful, save the nature protecting the tree, mountains, rivers, and the environment.

As a Mumbaikar, I hope that the city of Mumbai will be a place where everyone can co-exist peacefully. Our city should be kept clean, open spaces should not be converted into concrete jungles. Basic amenities should be available to all. I would urge the political parties to desist from the display of huge banners and the people to avoid plastics of all kinds.

Let us all strive to follow the basic principles of “Swatch Bharat Abhiyaan” and maintain cleanliness and hygiene at all times and at all costs and at every inch of our environment and society. Let us learn lessons from the natural calamities like floods and vow not to play or tinker with the nature. Let us all save the planet to rescue ourselves. So, do you agree with me and are you all with me? Wish you and your team and the readers a very happy, peaceful, wonderful and a prosperous New Year 2019.

S Krishna Kumar


(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)
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