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Friday, September 22, 2023
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Lisa Ray to come out with memoir in 2019

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Lisa Ray AV

One of India’s first supermodels, Lisa Ray will pen her memoir next year, chronicling her journey from being an actor, her fight with cancer, to attaining motherhood through surrogacy.

“The untitled memoir is an unflinching and deeply moving account of Lisa’s nomadic existence: her entry into the Indian entertainment industry; her relationship with her Bengali father and Polish mother; movie sets and the Oscars; her battle with eating disorders; being diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma; her spiritual quest; and the heartaches and triumphs of her journey. It is also about Lisa’s search for love, publisher HarperCollins India says.

Lisa has had a long career in the entertainment arts spanning multiple countries and films including the Oscar-nominated “Water”, television (“Top Chef Canada”) and modelling.

When diagnosed with a rare blood cancer in 2009, she chose to share her experiences in a blog called ‘The Yellow Diaries’ which led to her first book (her forthcoming memoir). She is a well-known advocate for cancer awareness through her writing and public talks.

Lisa recently announced the birth of her twin daughters – Sufi and Soleil – via surrogacy, writing and speaking about it as a way to normalise fertility options and choices for others.

“Writing my story has transported me through a myriad of experiences and worlds, and the emotions of a life lived close to the bone. I’ve been working on this a long time and, after the birth of my twins, it feels like my third baby,” Lisa says.

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