Friday, July 30, 2021
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Low key Ganpati celebrations

‘Ganpati’ is Mumbai’s biggest festival but the enthusiasm this year seems to be missing as even the God’s have not been spared of GST and most entertainment programmes have been toned down as they attract GST in some form or the other. Decorations, Idols, puja material, sweets for prasad etc have become expensive due to the GST factor and festivities seem to be low key this year. Demonetization too seems to have had its affect and many small Ganesh pandals have vanished. However, the beauty of the festivities is participation of people of all religions including Muslims, Christians, Parsis etc who come together to make the festivities meaningful and enjoyable which is the true fabric of the nation and it is the oneness of all. Festivities should be less about fanfare and more about the wellness about all. People have become environment conscious too and eco-friendly pandals can be seen at many places. The euphoria certainly is low this year but expectations from Lord Ganesha are high and I am sure the Almighty has special blessings for all of us to make our lives better and meaningful!

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