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Maha heading towards mid-term polls?

Nawab Malik challenges Shiv Sena to withdraw support to the BJP led government and says that NCP is ready for mid-term election.

NCP spokesperson Nawab Malik said that his party won’t come forward to bail out BJP if Shiv sena quits the Fadnavis government. Malik added that NCP is ready for mid-term polls if Sena and BJP are unable to resolve their differences. He challenged Sena to withdraw support from the Government instead of merely issuing threats of resignation. According to him, people have lost faith in the Sena-BJP government as they have failed to fulfil the promises made by them after coming to power.

“People are fed up of the tussle happening between BJP and Shiv Sena and want change. BJP has issued tickets to goons and corrupt leaders. On the other hand, Sena is trying to woo Gujarati voters by luring Hardik Patel. If mid-term polls are held now then NCP will win 150 seats and will form government. Shiv Sena doesn’t have guts to pull out from the government,” said Malik.

Shiv Sena is likely to withdraw support to BJP on 18th February.  The BMC election will be held on 21st February and results will be declared on 23rd. With the civic body polls just round the corner tension between both parties have increased drastically.

While another section in the NCP said they are ready to face mid-term elections. “The party is in the position to go for mid-term assembly elections. NCP would like to take Congress along to kick out BJP government from the state,” said a senior party functionary

A political analyst said, “If Shiv Sena withdraws support to the BJP led government in the Maharashtra then the state may head towards political instability. Right now the state can’t afford to have mid-term polls due to the burgeoning fiscal deficit. Even people will lose faith in both the parties.”

Shiv Sena had severed ties with BJP prior to the 2014 state assembly polls. Subsequently NCP offered outside support to BJP for forming a government in Maharashtra. After two months, NCP had withdrawn support to the BJP as Sena formally joined the government. The BJP and Sena have 121 and 63 MLAs, respectively, and their alliance enjoys a comfortable majority in the 288-member assembly. However, if Sena quits, the Fadnavis government will then fall short of 24 seats as it need 145 seats to prove majority.

According to sources NCP won’t take any decision in a hurry and will wait and see the outcome of local polls in Maharashtra and assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh to know about in which direction the wind blows.

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