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Make the youth job ready

The ears of our youth are connected to their mobile phones. There is no problem with it but youth should indulge in this task after a good day’s work. It has been reported that the youth love the night life. Why not, after overhauling the machinery, we would head towards pubs in USA for enjoying pole dance and lap dance. However, we always gave priority to work first.

We must train our youth which will enable them to become good heavy vehicle drivers, efficient plumbers, electricians and expert welders. The government must provide them with good trainers drawn from Ukraine, Germany and Japan etc. When we can provide foreign coaches for cricket, why can’t technicians be invited from overseas to train our boys and girls? “Swatch Bharat” campaign has picked up and now it’s time to promote “Swasthya Bharat”.

Baba Ramdev has done a very good job of popularizing simple yogic exercises. People always use ghee, mustard oil and turmeric produced by his “ashram”. But, he must refrain from manufacturing cosmetics and instead improve the quality of Ayurvedic medicines. For e.g. I will love to have “ triphala” in tablet form rather than in powder form. While consuming triphala in powder form it creates irritation in my throat thereby resulting into cough. He should also start making “kalonji oil” of pure quality. I appreciate seeing him wearing “khadaun” because I will not be able to walk ten steps using it.

I heard him saying that villagers have donated their land to him for growing quality/pure herbs. This should open the eyes or ordinance seekers. Channelising the energy of the youth, imparting good education to them and making them skilled workers has become vital today. The other day, Guruji was saying that during his visit to schools in southern parts of our country, he found that the kids are not able to do elementary summation, forget multiplication and division. With, some care and personal attention, he said, they will improve. Primary education needs to be overhauled and must never be commercialized. Therefore I had laid emphasis on retired persons be selected for this job. We criticize the Christian missionaries but we forget that ABC and nursery rhymes are taught by all parents to their kids. ABC was a popular bar in Santos where we always headed after a day’s work.

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