Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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Make up time before monsoon rains

The process of cleaning the Mithi river finally takes up shape and it is good news. After all choking of Mithi river, allows the rain water get stagnate and create temporary floods in the main roads. Even the Mumbai Airport suffers most and the airport will be under water obstructing the air traffic. The main work of de-slitting nullahs will have to commence well in advance so that overflowing water will not enter low lying areas within the city. We are lagging behind in the preparations. The preparation already made is not enough and drastic measures will have to be taken before the onset of monsoon. It is time to go all out and see all the arrangements are strictly made in accordance with guidelines to avoid July 2005 situation once again. Better council prevailed and the Mithi clean-up is going to start in right earnest soon.

Arati Abhirama

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