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Mamata’s “Aurangzebic dictate” against Hindus will be a waterloo for her: RSS

After West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee warned the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and its affiliate organisations against ‘playing with fire’ during Durga Puja celebrations and Muharram, the saffron brigade on Sunday said that her “Aurangzebic dictate” against the Hindu festivals, cultures and religious right of the Hindus would prove to be a waterloo for her.

Speaking to ANI, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) ideologue Rakesh Sinha said that with the direction Mamata is heading it is an end to her political career.

“It is not the RSS and its allied organisations that are playing with the fire. It is she who is doing this,” he added.

He further said it is the Jihadis who are ruling the Bengal and Mamata’s objective to make Bengal an Islamic state is now completely exposed.

BJP leader Rahul Sinha said that people should first make immersion of such a party before the immersion of Durga idol, which is trying to do communal politics.

“It might interest Mamata Banerjee to play with the fire but not the RSS. She has put false allegation on Bajrang Dal. I challenge Mamata Banerjee that she has put a ban on Durga visarjan (immersion) because of Moharram, can she do the other way round for Moharram? Can she push Moharram a day back because of Durga Puja? Does she have the guts to do that? If in Mumbai there can be Ganesh possession and Moharram together the why can’t it be in Bengal. It means that she is doing communal politics,” he added.

Mamata Banerjee on Saturday warned the Bharatiya Janata Party and its affiliate organisations such as RSS, Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad over playing dirty politics during Durga Puja, asking them “not to play with fire”.

“The Muslim Population of West Bengal is 30 per cent. Some people are trying to play dirty politics over Durga Puja. So, if the people from BJP, RSS and VHP believe they can ruin our peace, I’d ask them to not play with fire,” she said.

In addition to it, Banerjee reiterated her decision to halt Durga idol immersion on the day of Muharram.

Mamata said, “One thing should be clear- there shouldn’t be any immersion during Muharram. I even tweeted about it after the meeting with the Puja committees.”

Her comments came on the backdrop of VHP’s decision to go ahead with its plan of a “shastra pujan” at private and religious institutions during Bijoya Dashami across the state.

Last month, the West Bengal government issued an order, which said that the immersion of Durga idols would not be allowed after 6 pm on September 30 and on October 1, on the account of Muharram. The time was later extended to 10 pm.

This triggered a controversy among the members of BJP, who accused Banerjee of doing vote bank politics, sidelining the high court’s order.

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