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Man beheads wife over suspicion of illicit relationship, walks on road with head

PuneIn a shocking incident, a man allegedly beheaded his wife and walked on the road with her head on Friday in Pune.

60-year-old Ramu Chavan was spotted on the street with his wife’s head and an axe.

Chavan, a security guard by profession, killed his 45-year-old wife, Sonubai, after suspecting an illicit relationship between her and their son-in-law.

Ramu was taken into custody by police after he was found casually strolling on a street holding the severed head of the victim in one hand and the axe in the other.

The dhoti-clad man, who was accosted to the police station by constables, carried his wife’s head by holding on to the hair even as shocked bystanders watched on the street.

In a chilling mobile clip, Mr. Chavan, wearing a dhoti and kurta, is seen holding the head in one hand and an axe in the other; two policemen are seen running after him as others on the road gape. The police quickly covered the head with a cloth.

The police say Mr. Chavan, who works as a watchman, killed his wife with the axe suspecting that she was having an affair with a relative.

He has been booked under IPC 302 (murder) and further investigations were underway, police added.

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