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Man kills live-in partner, buries her under marble platform in Bhopal

In a gruesome incident in Bhopal, police recovered a body of a woman buried under a concrete structure in the city’s Govindpura area.

The 28-year-old woman, Akansha Sharma, who hailed from Bankura in West Bengal, was allegedly murdered by her husband Udyan Das, who hid the body by building a marbled platform over it.

The woman left her parents and home town and decided to live with her man in Bhopal. Within six months, their relationship soared to such an extent that the man murdered the girl and put the body in an iron box and buried her into a grisly marble tomb inside the house in Bhopal.

The accused who claims to be an IIT Delhi pass out lived with the victim in his Bhopal residence. His mother, who reportedly stays in the USA sends him money and his father died a few years back.

On the other hand, Akansha’s father works as a chief manager at a bank. It was her father who lodged a complaint with the police, after she stopped calling them. The father of the victim filed the complaint on January 3.

Udyan was booked based on his confession that he did indeed kill the girl on December 2016 by strangling her after a verbal fight.

On being questioned where he had disposed off the body, Udyan revealed he had put the body in a wooden box and put cement and concrete along with water into the box to convert it into a slab. After the slab dried he converted it into his bed on the first floor of his house and used to sleep on it.

However, Udyan was arrested soon after the parents of the victim lodged the complaint and they found the victim’s location using the mobile phone. The police reportedly dug the marble tomb for three hours on Thursday night and finally got a glimpse of the iron box which contained the dead body of the victim.

According to neighbours and tenants who live on the ground floor of the house they had seen the girl come into the house several times. The last time she was seen was around two months back. “Though we knew him for the past 25 odd years he hardly used to interact with anyone. He used to lead a lavish lifestyle and claim that he had a factory in Raipur. We thought since was the only child of his parents he must be getting money from them,” a neighbour told.

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