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Man tied to train’s window, thrashed over drinking water

In a shocking incident, a man was tied to a train’s window and beaten up following an altercation over his father drinking water that belonged to a fellow passenger in Itarsi district of Madhya Pradesh.

Man tied to train-AV

The victim, Sumit, was beaten up by three men after his father; Raghunath Kachi drank water from their bottle.

Sumit is seen hanging by the window in his underpants as the three men are seen beating him up with a belt.

Sumit reportedly drank water from a bottle belonging to the three accused youths without their permission. This irked them and they began assaulting Sumit.

But they did not stop at just that, and pulled the chain of the train bringing it to a halt. Then they took Sumit out and tied him to a train’s window. Unaware of a man being tied to train’s window, the driver continued with the journey for almost four hours until the train reached Itarsi station, where bystanders saw the horrific sight of a man tied to a train window.

The accused came out of their coach and began hitting Sumit with their belts, while the victim kept crying for help. After a while, the crowd intervened and stopped the accused from hitting Sumit any further.

An FIR has been registered against the accused by the Railway Protect Force and they are investigating the case. The accused hail from Patna and were travelling to Mumbai for a competitive examination.

The police have lodged an FIR against the three persons in this regard.

However, there is no report of any arrest so far.

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