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Mariah Carey Demanding $50 Million From James Packer


Mariah Carey is seeking retribution! The songstress demanded $50 million dollars from James Packer for ‘uprooting her life’ prior to their nasty split, so will the Australian billionaire have to pay up? A divorce lawyer dishes to about the possibility.

It looks like Mariah Carey wont be getting a huge payday. The singer, 46, shockingly has little or no chance of getting $50 million from her former fiance James Packer. But that’s not all, she may have to say goodbye to the $10 million engagement sparkler as well.

A divorce lawyer, who revealed her chances of getting any compensation. “James and Mariah haven’t been together that long and I think that any claim she has is very weak,” Kelly Rickert Chang said. “I mean she has suffered no actual harm it would appear.

Mariah is reportedly seeking a huge amount of cash from the Australian billionaire, since she had to move from New York to Los Angeles in order to spend time with him. The singer also addressed how she “uprooted” her life, shortly before he allegedly abused her assistant during a trip to Greece. She even canceled part of her South American tour due to the scuffle. Mariah revealed to E! that she felt he was “was possibly using her for her fame.” Yikes. Although she now wants the 35-carat ring to remain in her possession, it still may not be as easy as it seems.

Kelly continued, “People get confused about engagement rings when they are broken off. In California there is a law written on it — California Civil Code 1590.” She revealed that it depends on how the A-list pair split, especially since they didn’t get married. Basically, “the answer hinges on ‘who broke it off?’ the law says if the Receiver broke it off, or it’s mutual, you can get it back.”

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