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Mark Tully’s perception was right

Mark Tully has said that rural voters are guided by just two factors, this candidate is my man and he will do my job. How has he enunciated the truth in such simple words? This is the reason he represented BBC and is an acknowledged and admired journalist.

Journalists must be able to view the truth and put it in proper words. They must be careful while issuing statements to ensure that whether it will benefit the contemporary society or create needless turmoil. In contrast, we have a TV journalist of a popular news paper who exhibits unnecessary stridency almost every day. He speaks as if he is fighting a war and persistently obstructs various speakers on the panel. While extinguishing fire, we ensure that air does not find it’s way and cause re-ignition. The TV anchor completely ignores such aspects.

Why point fingers at the rural voters, even the urban voters follow the same practice. Delhi residents recently demonstrated this by voting for AAP as they expected that the party will provide free water, free electricity and regularization in jobs etc. The RBI governor is saying that subsidy for 12 gas cylinders is unjustified but populism must take precedence over propriety especially before elections.

Ministers hire secretaries who are loyal but Shinde got stumped by hiring RK Singh. However, he cannot be blamed because the officers have become very clever and selfish and they have no regard for loyalty. I do not know Tarlochan Singh but I met Gyani a few times in parliament and his eyes resembled like an ocean. They showed vastness and depth. In contrast, the PA to Babuji ( Jagjiwan Ram) sardar Mohinder Singh was a very good gentleman. He simply waved me in without charging even one rupee or accepting even one cup of tea. I could walk few steps and stand in queue up to the room on the right side in which Babuji was meeting people. These days people talk about conducting Janta Durbar and proceed towards the terrace in fear.

I remember the then shipping minister asking me to go and meet Mr X who will perform my work. It is true that in a country like ours, you have to do favour for people sometimes but this should not be made a regular practice. It is necessary to maintain a balance. As the education flourishes, technology will advance, and favouritism will cease to exist slowly. You can’t transform a man into robot. By occasionally favouring someone, you must think , am I harming the interests of many in the society? “Buddhi” and “vivek” are very useful aspects. I read one of my colleagues who wrote about “Karuna” and “Aashish”. Being human is important.

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