Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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Mary Kom makes India proud

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MC Mary Kom has made us proud once again by winning a gold medal in the Asian Games held at Incheon. She defeated Kazakhstan’s Zhaina Shekerbekova in the flyweight (51KG) summit clash. On the other hand, Sarita Devi refused to accept the bronze medal as she felt that injustice was meted against her. No Indian official came to console her as she left the medal on the podium. You must act speedily and with a passion like the Mongolians. With this incident, I am expecting that the judgment system in Boxing will improve. Sarita had kept her child away from her to undergo strenuous training. Look at her level of involvement and competence.

When it comes to the issue of garbage removal also, women are performing an amicable job by picking up the plastics for recycling. They go about their work unmindful of who is looking at them. A lady picks up trash from the outskirts of our society regularly. At Lucknow, the dumper driver is a young Muslim lady dressed in a “ hijab” who, at the end of the month descends smartly, accepts 40 rupees and hands out a receipt from a handheld gadget. They come regularly, except on Sunday. Women should oversee the functioning of the “Swatchata department” and they will perform a good job. Men are not so sincere. Remember, in the film Delhi 6, Lalaji eyeing the lady with the trolley?

Thirty to forty years back “ maila” was mostly removed by “ jamadarins”. Thus women have been doing the job of cleaning very admirably since a long period of time. All of us have always under estimated the contribution of women and girls in cleaning the house and utensils. They even perform tasks like milking the cows and buffaloes. In schools, colleges, universities the girls are performing better than boys. Even after marriage, girls are more concerned about parents and in-laws instead of boys.

Our “ kabadis” are doing a good job. These men are quite honest, they will not step inside your home uninvited. They won’t pick up anything from your house during your absence. Our government should mobilize them and hire their services for effective disposal of garbage. Garbage collection, segregation and disposal is a very important job which the Central and State governments must realize with all seriousness. There is no point in simply wielding long handle brooms for the sake of garnering publicity. I noticed a HP gas cylinder delivery man engaged in sweeping the road sides which is laudable.

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