Friday, June 25, 2021
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Media should not invade people’s privacy

Is having relationship with someone a crime? If a common man has affair then nobody questions him but a renowned celebrity’s relationship grabs headlines. I don’t understand why media interferes in a celebrity’s personal life? I think that any relationship between consenting adults is permissible. Media is the fourth pillar of democracy and it is responsible for covering important news instead of sensationalising it. Senior Congress Minister Digvijaya Singh’s affair with the Journalist Amrita Rai is his personal matter. Why media is blowing this issue out of proportion? Media doesn’t have any right to interfere in anybody’s life. Media should act responsibly.
Media has been reporting about Digvijaya’s relationship with Amrita Rai as if they have committed a serious crime. If a common man can have relationship then why can’t Digvijaya and Amrita have affair? Media was very curious to cover this news that it conducted an indepth investigation and circulated the couple’s pictures thereby causing them huge embarrassment. They indulged in this act for garnering TRPs. This issue seriously raises question about the credibility of media. Media circulate the intimate photographs of the couple without seeking their permission. Why can’t media carry out investigation and cover important news pertaining to national interest?

This incident reminded me of the alleged relationship of Congress leader Shashi Tharoor with Pakistani journalist Mehr Tarar affair. It had covered this news continuously as Sunanda started feeling insecure about her relationship and committed suicide. Thus it was responsible for Sunanda’s suicide to a certain extent. Media must stop sensationalising news and should not intrude in someone’s personal’s life.

The intimate photos of Digvijaya Singh and Amrita Rai went viral on social media as netizens too commented on it thereby creating embarrassment for the couple. It also forced the estranged husband of Amrita to delete his facebook and twitter account. Netizens too must act responsibly and not post unwarranted comments about someone’s personal life. Media should not invade somebody’s personal life and should not sensationalize the news. It should instead cover more important issues which are affecting the common man.

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