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Media should remain truthful and unbiased

Social media is a platform where we create, share or exchange information easily especially on twitter, we have a close look at what people are interested in and talking about in real time. I don’t know much about media but I would like to express my ideas about how media should be. This is a global concern, not for particular country; on social media we have already crossed those boundaries.

Usually, for media the number of viewers are important and you work towards that, educate us to know that media rights are in fact, the public’s rights and those rights exist because the media is in our favour. Be more thoughtful about coverage of all sorts of people, particularly women, young people, senior citizens, people on welfare and minorities. News gatherers exploit people rather than serving as the public watchdog.

Media should be fair, unbiased, accurate and factual. Treat people in the news with empathy, and that does not mean any less aggressive pursuit of news, must criticise and voice your support for good things, it must be free from political favouritism, not biased and should give equal coverage and doesn’t report bad news. Biases of reporters show up in their news stories, especially in Kashmir, many journalists approach a report with too many preconceived notions, regardless of the facts.

Give people the news that is important to them and country rather than airing stupid debates. Majority of the Media was always sold out and will remain so. There is some information that we want to know and many others media want us to know. But there is lot news that cannot be created or edited. So we have to know what to believe and what to ignore. Powerful people can hijack social media to delete stuff. Facebook did it recently, is that not ridiculous? Media is blind worshiper of money and authority.

People have been hijacked by media. Their job is to promote hate, propaganda, maligning people like Zakir Naik especially, mainstream media has been sold but neutral journalists like AV are still there to spread the truth and expose morons.

On Social media all views can be heard equally. It is also your responsibility to educate people not to allow their brain to be fooled by corrupt media.

I must say stop exploitation of women’s body in the name of culture, ads, clothes exhibitions etc. They are not a showpiece it’s totally unethical and unfair to them.


Aman Khan

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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