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Melinda Gates’ all praises for Kalki Koechlin


Actress Kalki Koechlin is on cloud nine after getting a letter from Melinda Gates, co-founder of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, praising her for bringing “attention to violence and discrimination against women” through a ‘thought provoking’ poem.

Kalki, who has also been named for a National Film Award this year, featured in Culture Machine’s Unblushed series for the women’s lifestyle channel Blush.

In the five-minute-long video “Printing Machine”, the actress is seen reciting a monologue she penned down on society and media. She is seen talking about media, society and their approach towards women and crimes against them. The video has been directed by Akanksha Seda.

Kalki says the director should be lauded for spinning magic in the video.

“Culture Machine taking ‘The Printing Machine’ as far as Melinda Gates’ personal computer is social media machinery at its best. I just want to say the magic of my director Akanksha should be held highly responsible,” Kalki said in a statement.

The actress got a letter from Melinda and shared a snapshot of the letter on photo-sharing site Instagram.

It read: “Dear Ms Koechlin: I appreciate your taking the time to join me in a discussion on empowering women and girls in India. Your video poem, ‘The Printing Machine’, was powerful and thought provoking. Thank you for bringing attention to violence and discrimination against women. Your voice helps bring much needed attention and support to these issues – and I am grateful for your efforts. It was a pleasure meeting you during my visit”.

Along with her husband Bill, Melinda works towards improving equity around the world including India. She has done work to towards women empowerment.

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