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Minimise stress during exams – Part II

We come across children breaking down during the academic year and some of them going to the extent of committing suicides as well. The present education pattern is really taxing students and they need to get some rest before they can think about the next move. Parents are imposing additional pressure on students which creates further troubles for them. A parent who makes an effort to recognize his ward’s learning style and make use of the same in proper direction for achieving maximum success. After all, knowledge is power and obtaining more information will promote further development of children. It is time for teachers to motivate and inspire children. It is up to parents to make all the difference and work for the betterment of children by working on a strict time schedule and following proper time table for imparting knowledge to children. It is better to give some special time to enable children to unwind themselves after studies.

Anxiety, tension, conditional love, death, dejection, emptiness, guilt, hopelessness, illness, falsehood and a sense of shame on failure or due to shameless act by colleagues creates suicidal tendency. Depression is a strong mood involving sadness, loneliness, discouragement, despair or hopelessness that lasts for weeks, months or even for a longer period creates the guilty feelings. Over 18 million people suffer from depression every year. Many never seek treatment yet most cases of depression are curable with effective therapies and medication. When we think of a depressed child, we often envision a morose child, who is a consistently sad. A study of researchers at the Columbia University in New York city reported that bad parenting may put their children at high risk for anxiety and depression. These factors are the root cause for the most of the suicides occurring in India. Stitch in time saves nine is true. If timely remedial measures are taken then suicidal rates will diminish among students. A simple living and high thinking can bring cheer in life.

That stress attack can upset your plans of studying and scoring good marks in the annual examination. Setting smart goals will be ideal instead of making big time goals. The examination fever will not allow children to follow the busy cricket season. So the children won’t have to face distractions and at the same time they will have to prepare well for their examination. Hence a proper planning is required to make things move at a crucial time in the career of children. Motivation of children will be a key word and to sulk under pressure should be stopped always.


(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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