Minister Ram Shinde has links with gangster Kazi: Nitesh Rane


Congress MLA Nitesh Rane sought action against minister Ram Shinde over the latter’s alleged links with a gangster.

Nitesh Rane-AV
Raising the issue in Maharashtra Assembly, Rane, son of former chief minister Narayan Rane, wanted to know if CM Devendra Fadnavis will act against a minister who “supports” gangster Yuvraj Kazi.

Kazi even attended Shinde’s swearing-in ceremony, Nitesh said.

He alluded to Fadnavis’ reference to Narayan Rane’s alleged criminal antecedents. “Instead of uttering film dialogues, the CM should act against Shinde,” he said.

“When Shinde goes to Indore, he meets Kazi,” Nitesh said. The gangster often visits Shinde’s hometurf in Ahmednagar district, he added.

Nitesh displayed a photo of Kazi with Shinde.

“How can the state be safe if the minister supports gangsters,” he said.