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Missing MH370 likely to be found by July

Martin Dolan, the head in-charge of the hunt for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, believes the plane will likely be found in the next four months.

Almost two years since MH370 disappeared en-route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 227 passengers and 12 crew members on board, the only confirmed trace of the missing flight was flaperon wing in the French island of Reunion last year.

Two pieces of debris found on Reunion and Mozambique, suspected to be the part of the plane is yet to be positively confirmed.

Dolan, the head of the Australian authority tasked with scouring the search, is confident it will be found this year reported Guardian.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau, which has led the search effort since March 2014, likely considers it to be the scenario known as the ‘ghost flight’ theory.

According to ATSB’s modeling, the plane after running out of fuel would have crashed in the southern Indian Ocean off the coast of Western Australia.

More than 85,000sq km of a long but narrow seventh arc, totalling 120,000sq km of seafloor has been searched by the ships as of this month.

According to that, Dolan said the plane is yet to be searched in 30,000-odd sq km and will be found when the operation concludes around July if not before.

“It’s as likely on the last day [of the search] as on the first that the aircraft would be there. We’ve covered nearly three-quarters of the search area, and since we haven’t found the aircraft in those areas, that increases the likelihood that it’s in the areas we haven’t looked at yet,” Guardian quoted Dolan as saying.

Meanwhile, the 1m piece of metal that was found by Blaine Alan Gibson last month in Mozambique will shortly arrive in Canberra for testing.

Until then, Dolan warned not have too many expectations and even if it is found to be from MH370 then it would not necessarily lead to the plane.

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