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Mobile mania prevailing in metro cities

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Mobile mania metro city AVEven though there are clear-cut instructions not to use Mobile in public places there is no respite for using Mobile phones and the traffic police is also not taking it so seriously. Too many accidents are taking place with Mobile mania spoiling the traffic regulations.

I once happened to see an accident near a busy Railway Station when a girl passing through my auto could not see the vehicle crossing as she was busy talking over mobile and the Auto could not avoid hitting the girl and she fell down in the middle of the busy road. She got up and continued to talk over phone forgetting the accident. The impact was severe and she would have felt the pain only on the next day. But for the time being, she was engrossed in his Mobile conversation and that was dangerous even for her life.

There are so many such incidents taking place on the road and the Police have taken a serious view of this and published as many as 11 photos to create awareness. Even CCTV installed to curtail the menace could not curb the practice. It is indeed a fine gesture on the part of media to take up the cause more seriously to avoid Mobile menace on the streets and the traffic police should do their duty most meticulously to keep the people away from Mobile Phones and punish the erring road users severely and penalise them to make it more stringent and curtail such accidents happening on the road. It is a right step in the right direction to make people realise through advertisements, warn or harsh penalties to drivers, who are on their cell phones in a moving vehicle, thus failed to break the cycle of madness. It is time to change and break the ice for the sake of saving lives.

It is a very common sight to catch people on their Mobile Phones on the roads, in moving vehicles, standing on pavements, crossing the tracks approaching trains and hanging out of trains having the mouthpiece in the hand most dangerously. It is quite imperative that people oblivious to everything but that small gadget in their hands or attached to a belt while ear-phones blocked out of the world.

The efforts by government machinery, the police could not break Mobile Menace. But from the very look, it appears that people are engrossed in their talk and the chances of accidents are too many. From the moment getting down from the taxi or while travelling on a train or travelling by car we find mobile come into play and that is a root cause of many accidents. I do not know how people communicate in this shortest duration and what is the absolute need to speak risking once life!

The way youngsters cross the road with mobiles on or when they cross the level crossings, the mind is mainly on mobile and it appears a dangerous move to do so in open and that too at the cost of living. The risk is manifold when talking through a mobile in a moving vehicle.

Nothing has changed the singular obsession we have with this tiny aid to communication, that has ironically, cut us from most of the people who surround us while keeping us connected to those on the other side of the city as well the country and the world over. All that has changed, as increasingly cell phones change the way we live, communicate, consume information etc. in open. It is time to change but the change will not come so fast.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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