Monday, June 5, 2023
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Modi emerges triumphant

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Congratulations to Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, BJP, RSS and the partners of National Democratic Alliance (NDA). The efforts of citizens must be lauded for voting for a stable government. I have been supporting Modi right from the beginning and he will now become the next prime minister of India. I have also been appealing to people to vote for a stable government with substantial majority so that it can function unhindered and I am pleased that ultimately it has happened. I am also happy that Arvind Kejriwal, the loud mouth has been crushed.

It was unfortunate that television channels gave them disproportionate coverage which they clearly did not deserve, as they behaved irresponsibly. Time has come for us to move forward with confidence and gusto. Everybody must feel that Modi will be fair towards them and he will treat them equally. RSS and BJP must work in tandem without any bickering for power and influence. Senior leaders must shed selfishness for promoting national interest.

Modi will form a cabinet. The cabinet members must work hard with unity and try to arrive at all decisions with as much consensus as possible. Providing water, power and construction of good roads are the tasks which the new government must take up on a priority basis. There is no need of a Lok Pal if all ministers and secretaries work honestly. Modi is aware about this than all of us and therefore he will deliver the goods.

Amit Shah has been the Man of the Match and this man has endeared me enormously. It is good fortune of our nation that we have such an excellent organizer.

I expect that state governments which are not ruled by BJP at present will co-operate with the central government without throwing unnecessary tantrums. The country will make immense progress if the central and state governments work with proper co-ordination especially pertaining to the matter of dealing with terrorists and Maoists.

It is expected that Modi will leave no stone unturned in empowering and developing our defence forces by providing speedy and single window clearance for defence purchases. We must improve bilateral ties with our neighbours and healthy working relationship with the US administration. We must also opt for technical co-operation with capable European countries so that our manufacturing sector gets a boost. The Chinese will never allow anyone to be “ one up”. Japanese are the right people to work with as they are more technically strong.

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