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Modi government has its hands full

We need to give more time for the new BJP government to perform better but the party lacks original ideas to improve governance which was demonstrated by it earlier. Lot of work needs to be done, who will do it, who will supervise and the biggest question is do we know how to do it? There is no clarity on about this and the initiative to impart training for workers should have commenced by now. Running bullet trains, building smart cities, inland water transport through Ganga will take several years. Management of Mumbai roads, preventing water logging, maintenance of railway tracks, examining dilapidated buildings, overhauling the education system – conducting admissions and examinations, punishing people creating chaos on rail lines in Moradabad, using the money recovered from BJP MP Giriraj Singh’s residence for improving education and health are the tasks which should begin now. Whereas we see RSS spokesman Ram Madhav has joined BJP.

Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari should visit Netherlands to familiarize with the expertise they have in dredging. India should have collaboration with them for undertaking the work. We talk about FDI but its exact meaning is “I don’t know how to do it. Please come and assist us and we will share the profit”. Smaller countries around us have done an outstanding job in the field of oil exploration. On the other hand, we are worrying about the rising oil prices.

We want to build 15 new ports but what about the modernization of the existing ports which are very inefficient and corruption breeds there. The Chairman of the port is an IAS officer who is more bothered about his next promotion. The Director of Ports functions from Delhi and he acts as a middle man between the secretary or minister and the “ private party”, he has no expertise. Why doesn’t the government privatize these posts? Reduce the expenditure and hire the right person for improving its efficiency.

BJP was talking about eradicating corruption. However, there are reports of a leader who wants to spend two crores for repairing his Lamborghini which was damaged by the valet parker. The BMC should be headed by a serving military officer of the rank of at least a Brigadier. Why should a tenth standard student carry a expensive smartphone to the school? We are living under tremendous pressure to look modern and savvy without being competent.

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