Modi government’s corporate friendly budget


The Modi government has presented a business friendly budget to boost economic growth which is laudable. The Niti Aayog must inform them “Bhaiya woh banao jo desh ko chahiye. Kewal woh mat banao jo tumko chahiye”. We will tell you what to manufacture. After earning some money corporates want to construct a palatial house and a buy pleasure yatch for themselves. I am not envying your pleasure yatch. You should operate it yourself only after manufacturing a power plant, improving the power distribution system, adopting a cluster of villages, making a “gowshala” with “murra bhains and Kapila cows.

Our entrepreneurs possess capability but they become selfish and lazy. They always try and manipulate the officers and ministers and also compete against each other. N Srinivasan is a capable person. I was employed in his organization named ICL Shipping but he started focusing on IPL and BCCI. The Supreme Court had made it clear that he couldn’t contest, the outgoing BCCI president had to search for a replacement. Srinivasan through his counsel Kapil Sibal, had tendered an “unconditional apology” to the court for having chaired the BCCI’s working committee meeting. Jagmohan Dalmiya has been elected head of Indian cricket’s governing body.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has attended the marriage function of Yadav clan but will not say, please give some of your land for such and such plant. I wonder why Modi attended the “Tilak” ceremony of Mulayam Singh’s nephew Tej Pratap at Saifai. He could have instead attended the marriage at Delhi. Indian shipping companies have not built any dry dock or floating dock. Union Minister Nitin Gadkari must ask SCI to repair some ships in India and also monitor their performance on a regular basis.

Indian maritime education has people in charge who have not sailed on a ship even for one month in the last 20 years. Therefore I am pleading for appointing navigational engineers instead of navigational officers. Officers on the bridge should be imparted on board training so that they can become more capable in handling different jobs on board. IIT’s are definitely needed but ITI’s should also be strengthened by seeking assistance of foreign specialist technicians. The government must not sideline ITI’s so that they students don’t feel that they are inferior to those candidates passing out from IITs. Work force is superior to clerical force.