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Modi a great orator

Prime Minister Narendra Modi should be congratulated for challenging the basic rules of politics. It is a truth universally acknowledged that Modi is a good orator and he can keep his audience glued to every word spoken by him. He has rightly tore into the Congress and took on predecessor Manmohan Singh who had described demonetization as “organized loot” and “legalized plunder”, saying “the art of bathing in a bathroom with a raincoat on” is known only to the former PM. Modi has told the truth regarding Manmohan Singh who looked the other way while the scams were being committed. He meant to say that several scams had occurred during UPA’s reign but Singh’s own image remained clean.

No doubt, Manmohan was a man who helped Indian economy to grow and reach current state and we must respect Singh who was an honest and great Indian leader as PM. However, it is also true that every Indian knew that the former PM was knee deep in corruption, knowing every scam and letting it go un-challenged and shutting his eyes. Manmohan Singh who steered reforms in the 1990s as Finance minister said in parliament that the impact of the ban on high-denomination notes as “organized loot, legalized plunder”. People never really blamed him for the endless corruption during UPA reign but he had also sailed Indian economy to shores several times when it had hit rock-bottom.

All are aware that Manmohan Singh who is credited with the resurrection of Indian Economy at the onset of the 1990s lost much of his credibility when he chose to be a puppet in the hands of Sonia Gandhi. After the devaluation of 1992 mainly during Congress rule, because of high corruption, black money, inflation etc; property prices, daily living expenses, education expenses have sky rocketed. Congress party may not be serious about safeguarding the future of India’s economy. The party is right in being upset about the comments on Singh but then people who live in glass houses must not throw stones on others. As pointed by our PM Modi Congress is “like water and changes it shapes to suit its political needs”.

As regards Rahul Gandhi, he is still a child and has many miles to go before he could even become a boy. He is unable to digest the praise Modi is getting for the surgical strikes and demonetization. He has nothing of his own except the blessings of his mother under the shadow of Congress banyan tree. Rahul fails to understand that PM Modi is solving the problems inherited from Congress governments. Congress and other political parties may be nervous because of courage and will power shown by Modi for his steps against black money through demonetization.

How can one forget Sonia Gandhi who too had insulted Prime Minister Narendra Modi once? Modi has shown a mirror to Congress. What about “maut kaa saudagar”, “khoon ki dalali”, etc. In reality, Congress has no viable replies to offer. PM Modi has rightly said, “If they breach decorum, they should have courage to listen to the response as well. We have the capacity to pay in the same coin. We do so within the limits of decorum and boundaries of the Constitution.”

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his own)

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