Modi is the right candidate for PM’s post

You may say that Narendra Modi is a successful Chief Minister of Gujarat and has performed a lot of work in the state and possess good experience. All this is true and applicable, but I judge things differently. A person who is not afraid of losing everything and a person who is not afraid of death is the right candidate to rule India. Modi went to the Himalayas perhaps seeking “ gyanayog” but he must have realized that “ karma yoga” is superior ( action is superior to inaction) and so he took this initiative. In our day to day life, being ordinary human beings, we come across a lot of anguish relating to domestic issues involving sons and daughters, son in laws and daughter in laws etc. In such a situation, our elders have prescribed “ karma yoga” ( engaging in action without caring for the fruits) as a remedy. So, “karma yoga” is a medicine.

Whenever you are troubled, deeply anguished, take a few deep breaths, drink some water, pick up your bag and proceed to work ( small or big). There is no need to head to Himalayas because the path of “gyan yoga” is very arduous and will give you much less satisfaction than what you will derive from action, free from attachment. If you are free from attachments, you will develop the capacity to tolerate insults.

All of us have to remember that India will not become a developed nation in five or ten years but it is necessary to make a right beginning. Plenty of foul words are being spoken by all political party functionaries as they don’t have control over their language. People are talking that Robert Vadra’s wealth grew from 50 lakh to 300 crores but some people have amassed larger amount than it. We witness this incidents in the field of Maritime education. Modi might ask businessmen to keep ten crores for themselves and invest the remaining amount in projects which will bring power to electric bulbs in the hamlets, water in taps, primary health care in villages etc. You earn money but also utilize it for the welfare of people. BJP leader Giriraj Singh says has threatened voters that if they don’t vote for BJP then he will send them to Pakistan which is unjustified.

We should ask eminent personalities like Amitabh Bachchan, Sachin Tendulkar, Hema Malini etc to donate the money earned by them through advertisements for charitable causes and ensure that the money is spent properly. On the occasion of Diwali festival we visited Fiji and our taxi stopped at a pump for refueling. People residing there must have noticed that Indian faces are commuting in the taxi. Later, they performed aarti, welcomed us and offered sweets. In Surinam you can listen to very good Hindi songs and “bhajans”, some of which we can’t even hear even in India regularly.