Friday, June 18, 2021
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Modi must start working now

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has done enough campaigning in Maharashtra repeating the same things across various constituencies. He must settle down in Delhi and monitor the work being done by various ministries. Railways are a huge network and therefore greater supervision is required here. We read reports that Union Railway Minister Sadananda Gowda and Minister of State for Railways Manoj Sinha have created staff above the required strength. This shows that they are more interested in enjoying personal privileges rather than bothering about safe operation. There have been many reports pertaining to derailments and pantograph trouble due to various reasons, affecting smooth functioning of railways. The authorities must monitor the task on a regular basis.

A certain television channel is too strident vis-à-vis the Pakistanis and Sunanda Pushkar. The anchor is exceedingly vocal. Why is the media wasting so much time on what poison was found in the body of the already deceased lady? Will you receive a Noble Prize for it? Engage in some constructive pursuits please.

Subramanian Swamy is a learned man, a good lawyer but he is also wasting time in worthless pursuits, not realizing that BJP is aware about his habits. Hence the party is not offering him a ministerial post. Mr Swamy must rather demand a ministerial berth so that he can concentrate on better tasks. Modi has surrounded himself with all sort of “Yes” men, persons who cannot challenge his authority. So far, he has been undertaking foreign trips, campaigning and not performing his duties. Therefore, some leaders have started calling him the Chief Minister of Gujarat. Of course, that is not true but wrong perceptions can be avoided by taking care.

Modi must concentrate on tasks like recycling of waste water, its effective re-use, production and distribution of electric power on a priority basis. In such a big country like ours very few domestic airlines are operating. Air India and Shipping Corporation of India are not functioning effectively. Even after commencement of the cleanliness drive, our roads are not been swept. It’s time to concentrate on such basic tasks. Nobel peace prize winners Kailash Satyarthi and Malala Yousufzhai have been sincerely working for the rights of children and education of girls. Many people might not have even heard about Mr Satyarthi. Modi has been involved in too much of self promotion and little work which is not justified. The PM must give more priority to performance.

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