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Modi must walk the talk

We read reports about Urdu Markaz taking initiative to modernize the education in Madarsa through the usage of technology. Thus students studying in Madarsas can be brought into mainstream society. We also have watched how ISIS indulges in violence activities and spread terror in many regions of the world. All saner elements in the international society must unite to fight against such destructive elements which will not find favour with the liberal and progressive Muslims.

One of the ways through which we can peacefully foil such violent elements is by educating our young girls and boys in science and modern technology. Talented students must study subjects like Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. Training must be imparted to youth for bridging the skill shortage faced by our country. It is necessary to encourage youth and provide vocational education to them as they are the future of the nation. If youth are interested to become good drivers of motor vehicles or railway engines training must be offered to them in these vocations. No work should be considered small or menial. We must inculcate dignity of labour in our youth.

Reality shows like the Bigg Boss should be discouraged due to vulgar content and filthy language used by participants. Youth are addicted to it and start emulating the show’s participants. Instead, we must guide them to become good human beings. Hard working, cheerful and compassionate young boys and girls will be helpful and they must follow instructions of elders. Large number of youth has become addicted to the drug meow meow. Since the drug cost only Rs 150 per gram youth are able to afford it unlike cocaine which costs around Rs 3,000 per gram. Meow Meow can be ordered online and it is delivered at the customer’s door step after the processing of payment. In September, 2014 the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) declared Mephedrone a harmful substance.

Narendra Modi has been delivering speeches but he has not been able to walk the talk. Last year he was pointing the failures of former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. However, the scenario has changed now as people are judging Modi and are closely watching his government’s performance. What was he thinking when he wore an expensive suit with his name embroidered on it? Modi must emulate the policies of former Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee who is known as an able statesman. Vajpayee had the ability to take everyone along with him and resolve rifts occurring within the party. After the Delhi poll debacle BJP must rethink its strategy and take some urgent steps to recover the lost ground.

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