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Modi should behave like a statesman

Narendra Modi is saying that Sonia Gandhi favoured the Italian Marines, thereby claiming that she had giving more preference to her home nation instead of India. This is also another way of raking up Sonia’s foreign origin to embarrass her and create doubt in people’s mind. It’s a cheap tactics which won’t enhance the image of Narendra Modi. Modi should refrain from making such comments and start speaking like a statesman and not a stereotyped politician. The Indian prime minister must possess the quality of a statesman.

Everyone is aware that the Indian Ocean region has been affected by piracy. Pirate boats initially look innocuous and harmless till they speed up and attack a ship. They are masters of camouflage, it is indeed difficult, especially for a foreigner, to correctly ascertain if the boat is user friendly or not. Several angles are associated with this episode and we should not say things which are not factual.

Have you forgotten about the 1962 debacle? Sonia may feel bad and condemn the episode and might suffer in silence. However, if you remind about these incidents to China tomorrow, they will react differently. We must understand that there is no USSR to back us now. After becoming the PM, Modi will have to deal with Italians and other Europeans hence he should refrain from issuing comments against a woman only to pin down her unfairly. Few years back, Sushma Swaraj had said that she will shave off her head but she must have had numerous lunches and dinners with Sonia after issuing that statement. Sonia looks fitter than Sushmaji.
The Indian Railways was largely built by the British. CrPC was carved out by the British and they also strengthened the education system. That does not mean that we should accuse the British of making us use these things. You make better things, improve and amend the systems, who stops you?

Modi should not take the entire credit for Gujarat’s prosperity as it was developing prior to his reign. In the early eighties, factory manufacturing firefighting equipment existed at Chandivli which faced labour problems regularly. The firm relocated to Umergaon and its business was functioning smoothly there on account of industrial peace and order. During that period of time, Modi was not the CM of Gujarat. I must further add that Modi has done a laudable job in pushing the state further up on development scale but the entrepreneurship mindset of Gujaratis and their practical approach plays a pivotal role in his success. I hope that hereafter Modi speaks about the developmental program for the future, uniting and mobilizing the masses, taking effective steps to control population and reduce the number of heavy fuel consuming vehicles by improving the public transport system across the country. He must start talking as Indian PM and not as a mere electoral candidate.

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