Saturday, September 18, 2021
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Modi should stop seeking cheap publicity

These days we are listening foolish debates on TV regarding fitness challenges. Modiji says he will accept the challenge, but you are not on equal footing. You get best of food and medical attention.

I remember Priyanka Chopra saying, ” Indian women are inherently healthy “. Village women who start working from early age and work in fields and also at home, are more fit than Modiji, Amit Shah, and most of the ministers. So let’s not talk about such foolish things .

A huge population of our country is suffering from hunger and malnutrition. We must pay attention to this. Fitness does not mean only some yoga asanas, swimming, jogging and cycling are also associated with fitness. You  may appear fit but your BP may be high or your mental fitness may be deficient. How will any one know this. You may be fit for desk work but not for field work and do you mean to say that our “divyang ” are not fit?  What are you talking!

People as it is are fitness conscious and when I go to Gym I find a lot of young men and women doing workouts to enhance fitness. You don’t have to teach them.

Talking of fitness challenge is best described in a hindi word ‘phuhad ‘,

Modiji please grow up. Don’t seek cheap publicity please.


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